Best Forex Trading Academy In Nigeria

Best Forex Trading Academy In Nigeria

Best Forex Trading Academy In Nigeria

Forex trading is one of the most common ways to make money online, and many people are seeking where to learn it. Although there are different ways of learning Forex in Nigeria, Forex trading academy is one of the best ways to learn how to trade for beginners.

However, one has to be careful when choosing a forex trading academy because not all have experienced trainers. And some trainers don’t make money from trading in forex but from teaching forex.

Before venturing into the forex market, you must understand some essential things: forex is not a quick money scheme. And don’t trade with funds you can’t afford to lose.

This article will discuss the best forex training academy in Nigeria.

Top Five Best Forex Trading Academy In Nigeria

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There are a lot of places where you can learn forex trading, but here are some of the best options available to you;

Habby Forex Trading Academy 

Habby forex academy is one of Nigeria’s best academies that trade, educates and mentors people to become professional traders. And also educate its student about different businesses they can engage in the forex industry after acquiring the knowledge.

Habby forex academy was established in 2018 by Damilare Ogundare and has its head office in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. Damilare is one of Nigeria’s top forex traders and is regarded as one of the most influential forex traders and an ECOWAS youth ambassador.

The institution offers online and physical classes that help you learn about the forex, crypto, and stock market.

Oasis International School

Oasis international school is one of the best forex trading academies in Nigeria that specialize in producing a student who doesn’t lose trades.

It was established in 2018 by Prof Abiola Awosika and has it head office in Lagos, Nigeria. Prof Abiola has vast experience in designing online and hybrid courses for numerous platforms.

Oasis international school offers online and physical classes for beginners to help them become professional traders.

Mezech Trading Academy

Mezech trading academy was established in 2020 and has its head office in Lagos, Nigeria. Apart from forex trading, the academy offers other services like logistics, real estate, stocks, and crypto trading.

They offer online and physical classes for beginners to help them become a professional trader.

Revglobal Forex Academy 

Revglobal forex academy was established in 2015 by chief Oyelakin Isaac and has its head office in Lagos, Nigeria. The academy is designed to educate and be a support system for aspiring newbies and struggling traders.

Revglobal forex academy offers an online and physical class to equip you with the practical forex trading skill set required to succeed in the global market.

ProTrader Academy

Protrader academy is known globally as a training company that teaches the reality of trading and is trusted with industry leaders.

The courses offered to beginners and struggling traders are designed to help you succeed in trading as a career, focusing on risk management, strategy, and trading plan development.


Where can I learn forex in Nigeria?

List of the ten best forex trading Schools in Nigeria:

  • Habby forex academy
  • Oasis international school
  • Aplus forex training hub
  • Revglobal forex academy
  • Protrader academy
  • Mezech training academy
  • Global forex trading institute
  • Kenny earn trading school
  • Rally academy
  • Hotforex educational center

How long is the forex course?

It takes an average of 6- 24 months to learn how to trade forex. However, it also depends on how quickly the individual can understand the concept of forex trading.

Can I learn forex by myself?

Yes, you can learn forex trade without registering in any forex academy. You can use freely available material on the internet and YouTube to polish your skills.

Who is the best forex teacher on YouTube?

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Top eight forex YouTube channels

  • Trader Nick
  • Forex signals TV
  • Rayner Teo
  • Adam Khoo
  • Warrior Trading
  • Sasha Evdakov
  • UKspreadbetting
  • Trading 212

Conclusion: Best Forex Trading Academy In Nigeria

Besides the above-listed forex trading academy, there are other good forex trading academy located in different Nigerian regions.

However, before registering with any forex trading academy, ensure you have researched them.

You must get a good trainer because only a successful trader can teach and help you succeed in forex trading.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you got a lot of helpful information on the best forex trading academy in Nigeria.

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