Oraimo Vs. New Age Power Bank, Which is Better?

Oraimo Vs. New Age Power Bank, Which is Better?

Oraimo Vs. New Age Power Bank, Which is Better?

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In Nigeria, the lack of electricity in most areas has made power banks essential to most phone users. Power banks are special batteries in an enclosed Casing designed to recharge your electronic devices when you are on the move or absent of light.

There are many high-quality standard power bank brands in Nigeria. However, Oraimo and New Age are the best power bank brands meeting millions of Nigerians’ needs.

This is why many Nigerian wonders which of the two power bank brands is better. In this article, we will discuss which is better between Oraimo and New Age power bank.

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Overview of Oraimo and New Age Power Bank


Oraimo is a company founded in Hong Kong that specializes in the design, R&D, production, and sales of 3C accessories. They are dedicated to providing the end user with fashionable and creative products.

Oraimo was initiated by a group of people who believe in the spirit of exploring to change the world by producing high-quality smart accessories.

However, Oraimo has become one of the most popular brands in Nigeria by capturing the heart of millions of smartphone users with quality products.

List of Oraimo accessories and Gadget in Nigeria

The following are gadgets and accessories manufactured by Oraimo.

  • Oraimo phone chargers
  • Oraimo power banks
  • Oraimo phone batteries
  • Oraimo earphones and earbuds
  • Oraimo cables
  • Oraimo Bluetooth speakers
  • Oraimo smartwatches
  • Oraimo memory card and flash
  • Oraimo adapter
  • Oraimo wireless headset.

New Age 

New Age company was incorporated in 2008 and has its headquarters in Lagos. It is Nigeria’s first indigenous registered phone and smart accessories manufacturer.

However, New Age is a brand that thrives on customer satisfaction by delivering quality products of various mobile phone accessories.

New Age is Nigeria’s no.1 power bank brand and has several registered distributors and agents who help market the company’s product.

List of New Age accessories and Gadgets in Nigeria

The following are gadgets and accessories manufactured by New Age.

  • New Age phone chargers
  • New Age power banks
  • New Age phone batteries
  • New Age earphones and earbuds
  • New Age cables
  • New Age Bluetooth speakers
  • New Age wireless headset.

Oraimo vs. New Age Power Bank: Similarities 

  • Durability

Oraimo and new-age power banks are durable and tend to last longer than other alternative power bank brands. That is why they are the best power bank manufacturer in Nigeria.

  • Product Quality

Regarding product quality, both brands strive to satisfy the consumer’s needs by continually expanding their horizon because of the enormous need from Nigerians.

  • Ports 

Both power bank comes with Type-C and Micro USB recharging ports. In other words, you can charge your power bank with any cable you have on hand.

  • High Speeding Charging

Both brand’s output ports are equipped with super-fast charging technology to ensure high speed for your device.

Oraimo vs. New Age Power Bank: Differences

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  • Cost

New Age power is relatively cheap than the Oraimo power bank. Although the price gap is small, it is an advantage to New Age because people tend to purchase the cheapest one.

  • Design

Oraimo power bank is sleeker and has some slim-fit power banks that can be easily carried around. Unlike the new-age power bank, which is usually huge.

Oraimo Vs. New Age Power Bank: Which Is Better?

Both brands are high-quality standard power banks, so it all boils down to your product choice. However, most people prefer Oraimo regarding chargers, earbuds, and general smart accessories. But prefer the new age when it comes to the power bank.


Which brand is best in a power bank?

Five best power bank brands in Nigeria

  • Oraimo Power Bank
  • New Age Power Bank
  • Samsung Power Bank
  • Havit Power Bank
  • Fil Power Bank

How long does a new-age power bank last?

New-age power bank offers different variety of capacitor, so it depends on the capacity of the power bank and how often you use it. In other words, a power bank with 20000mah could charge your phone battery with the capacity of 5000mah fully four times.

What should I look for when buying a power bank?

Here are the features you should consider:

  • The Number of Output
  • The Manufacturer
  • The Capacity
  • The Voltage

Conclusion: Oraimo Vs. New Age Power Bank, Which is Better?

It is important always to purchase a good power bank for your phone. Although there are other good power bank brands, Oraimo and the new age have proven themselves to be Nigeria’s best power bank brands.

Thank you for reading this article; I hope you got a lot of helpful information. Please share and comment.




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