Blum Airdrop (Claim free $Blumtokens)

Blum Airdrop (Claim free $Blumtokens)

Blum Airdrop (Claim free $Blumtokens)

Blum was created by the former manager of the European division of Binance, Gleb Kostarev, along with his colleagues Vladimir Maslyakov and Vladimir Smerkis. The project enhances seamless trading across multiple chains which allows you to relax from the complexities of traditional exchanges while saving your time, energy, and money. 


The Blum airdrop is an opportunity for the Blum project to raise awareness, attract new users, and reward early adopters like you. 

Blum Token is designed to facilitate seamless transactions, incentivize user participation, and enable various exciting features within the Blum platform. Furthermore, free tokens are distributed to eligible participants after completing specific tasks or meeting certain criteria set by the Blum project team. If you want to know more about Blum airdrop and how to claim Blum tokens, then you are in the right post.

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Steps on How to Earn Blum Token 

Below are steps on how to earn a Blum token

Click on the link (
Click on Create an account and create a username then click on Proceed.
Click on the Task tab then complete the simple tasks
Click on the Home tab then select “Start Farming” every 8 hours and play the simple game

How To Claim BlumTokens

As of when this post was written, the Blum team has yet to provide an official process on how to claim the Blum token. However, For accurate and up-to-date information about the Blum Airdrop, visit the official Blum website. Lastly, always remember to follow their instructions carefully and only download from trusted sources. Keep your devices and personal information safe!



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