Where Can I learn Forex Trading In Nigeria?

Where Can I learn Forex Trading In Nigeria?

Where Can I learn Forex Trading In Nigeria?

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Forex trading is a global market for exchanging (buying and selling) currencies at current or determined prices to make a profit.

First and foremost, you must understand that forex is not all that rosy. Although some people may be successful and earn profit from the trade, others may not be able to make any headway in forex trading.

Forex trading is a popular way to make money online, and many people are looking for ways to learn how to trade.

However, there are some things you need to know before venturing into forex trading, which include your emotional state. And don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose because there is a high probability of losing the money before the end of the day.

This article will discuss where you can learn forex trading in Nigeria and how to pick a good place to learn.

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Where Can I learn Forex Trading in Nigeria?

There are different ways you can learn forex trading; it all depends on you. in other words, some people learn better through a face-to-face intersection, while others learn by teaching themselves using accessible materials. The following are ways to learn forex trading in Nigeria;

Forex Trading Academy

In Nigeria, so many forex trading academies are established to help beginners get started or traders with experience to improve their knowledge or polish their trading skills. However, beginners should take beginners course to get a general understanding of the market.

Forex trading academy is one of the better places to learn forex, especially for beginners. They have well-structured material and expert instructors to coach them about the market for a fee.

Here are the names of some of the best forex trading schools in Nigeria;

  • Oasis International Forex School
  • Firm Fountain
  • FXTM
  • Revglobal Forex Academy
  • Aplus Trading Hub
  • Forex Profit Academy
  • P.C. Controllers Ltd



YouTube is an online video-sharing platform that allows expert forex traders to share comprehensive videos on trading to guide beginners and immediate traders. This method of learning is suitable for people who prefer to teach themselves.

Forex Forums And Online Classes

There are several forums or online classes you can register for to learn forex for free or for a little token. The benefit of using the forex forum is that they offer very useful material to help a beginner in trading. And there are many experienced traders available to guide you too.

Forex Brokers

Many forex brokers offer training in terms of fully online courses, seminars and webinars. Most reputable forex brokers want you to be a successful forex trader. Because the more you trade, the more the broker earns from the commission and spreads they charge.

Successful Trader, You Know.

You can learn forex trading from someone you know they are a successful forex trader. They can point you in the right direction and guide how to trade with little or no training fee.

Factors To Consider Before Picking A Place To Learn Forex Trading

Does The Instructor Trade

You would be surprised that some forex instructors don’t trade, which is funny, teaching what you don’t do. It would be best to find out if the trainer is also involved in forex trading before registering with any forex training service provider.

However, only a successful trader can teach and help you succeed in forex trading.

How Successful Is The Instructor Portfolio

Before registering with any forex training service provider, you should ask the instructor to show their trading history. Check if the trainer has been making a profit or loss in forex training.

However, If the trainer refuses to show their trading history, don’t register with them because many so-called gurus only make their money in forex by teaching people and not by trading.

Cost Of Training

The cost of training differs for every forex service provider. It would be best if you look for a trainer offering their services at a highly affordable rate.

Ask Around

First and foremost, before registering with any forex training service provider, you should find out what their past student has to say about them and their service. Ensure to read the review about them and find out how reliable their services are.


How much does it cost to start forex in Nigeria?

You can start trading in the forex market for as low as $10; brokers these days have very low minimum deposits and very high leverage.

Can you trade forex without experience?

No, you can’t. You need adequate experience to make gain in forex. If not, there is a high probability of losing all your money before the end of the day.

Can forex make me rich?

There is a high probability you can earn good profit on forex. However, it is important to know forex trading is not a quick money scheme, so you must be patient and avoid greed.

ConclusionWhere Can I learn Forex Trading In Nigeria

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In Nigeria, a few reputable trading schools offer various courses to meet the need of both beginners and experienced traders. However, for those who can’t afford the forex course price, we suggest you use the free material available over the internet and watch a YouTube channel on how to trade.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you got a lot of helpful information on where to learn forex in Nigeria.

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