The most successful & richest forex traders in Nigeria.

The most successful & richest forex traders in Nigeria.

The most successful & richest forex traders in Nigeria.

Read all about the most successful & richest forex traders in Nigeria.

What is Forex?

forex traders

Forex is short for foreign exchange – the transaction of changing one currency into another currency. This process can be performed for a variety of reasons including commercial, tourism and to enable international trade.

The foreign exchange (also known as forex or FX) market refers to the global marketplace where banks, institutions and investors trade and speculate on national currencies.

The forex market has produced many millionaires, and many of them can be found in Nigeria. These sets of people have made a fortune trading the forex market.

In this post titled “The most successful & richest forex traders in Nigeria”, I am going to be writing about all the richest forex traders in Nigeria.

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Uche Paragon

Uche paragon is arguably the best most successful forex trader in Nigeria with vast knowledge and experience of the forex market. He is also the richest forex trader in Nigeria boasting an estimated net worth of about Sixteen million US Dollars.

Apart from being an active forex trader, Uche paragon also owns two forex trading learning institutes where he imparts knowledge about the forex market into the life is his students. One of his learning institutes is situated in Lagos and another one is in Port Harcourt.

Uche Paragon is a famous entity in the Nigerian online forex trading universe and doesn’t need an introduction to people who are familiar with forex trading groups and seminars across the country. He is also regarded for his love of expensive cars. Who doesn’t have good taste for money?

Uche paragon has been lurking around the forex market since 2007 and has made a fortune since then. He bumped into the profitable universe of forex trading almost by accident.

While he was on the lookout for possible ways to make quick money online, he came across an advert by XM Forex brokers offering a $30 No Deposit Bonus for new traders in Nigeria.

Paragon got interested in the offer as it was irresistible. But it didn’t turn out to be an easy task for him to make money in the forex market. Paragon realized soon enough that without a proper strategy, he would continually lose his hard-earned money to the forex market.

Bade Ajidahun Afioluwa

Bade is also an excellent wealth-driven individual who experienced several losses while trading forex. Even though he was an entrepreneur, he decided to take on a new lucrative goldmine and realized soon enough that trading the forex market could increase his chance of getting wealthy in a short time.

Bade invested a huge amount of money and had it taken away due to his negligence of the forex market, and he lost a lot of money quickly from his gamble approach to the market.

It was a catastrophe for a person whose friends grew their wealth through Forex trading. He took full responsibility for his mistakes and sought to learn to master a contrary and profitable strategy to overtake the markets. Eventually, it all worked out for Bade and he was reckoned among Nigerian top players of the forex market.

Bade became one of the most successful forex traders in Nigeria that even his acquaintances and colleagues entrusted him with their funds at some point due to his expertise.

He was equipped with a premium forex strategy that was profitable most of the time. He didn’t lessen his learning a little bit which is a grave error several forex traders make frequently, but he continued improvising his strategies and methods and got for himself a seat among the top 10 richest forex traders in Nigeria.

He explained that Forex trading was entrepreneurship and business for him, and while others would give up after suffering losses, he saw it as a motivation to succeed.

Blessing Ezeako

Mrs. Blessing Ezeako is a forex trader with Lite Forex.  She started trading the forex market as a business opportunity and it has become her full-time job. To her, forex is not a get-rich-quick scene or a Ponzi scheme. It requires dedication and a lot of activity to master the art.

Education is the major determinant of everything in her trading expertise. A major aim, she has accomplished is, achieving personal profit goals. She didn’t have luck at the beginning which was common in the forex market until she developed her trading strategy. Despite all the setbacks and money losses, which she suffered. She aimed to make Forex trading successful.

She attended several seminars where she learned lessons on trend trading, trading psychology, and money management that have taken her to where she has gotten today.

Her obstinate nature to be a successful forex trader eventually came into reality and Blessing became a prominent trader in Nigeria. Ultimately she has become one of the richest Forex traders in Nigeria. A wish of every Nigerian citizen.

She should be considered as a role model for prestigious women out there. If we consider Nigeria’s situation, it is a respectable move for a woman to take up a career in Forex. Even as such, she neglected all barriers on her way and became a success.

Chinedu Onuoha

He is widely known for his comprehensive tutorials and strategies he teaches novice traders. He is a very experienced trader, being in the quadrant of the forex industry for several years. Chinedu emphasizes that a profitable strategy will avert damage to funds. When an individual speculates on an instrument. it should not be winning at a streak and losing the other streak.

Chinedu currently takes on the responsibility of impacting forex trading knowledge to interested individuals. He is a respected individual in the country for his accurate methods of impacting forex knowledge and the experience he has should envy even the best traders.

He has gone from his humble startup to his great heights within a short time. He has many clients through which he generates thousands of dollars. He has developed a great strategy and it has proved to be effective for him in his trading activities.

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Patrick Ogagbor

Patrick Ogagbor was a former Zenith bank staff before he quitted his job to become a full-time professional forex trader. He began to trade the forex market in 2003 and has made a fortune for himself ever since then. Through proprietary risk management and consistent executions of his strategy, he is no doubt one of the best forex traders in Nigeria.

He believes the market is an environment that needs to be understood in order to maximize profits. Little wonder he has been a force to reckon with among Nigeria’s top forex traders. He waits for the perfect timing and enters a trade when his requirements are met. This helps him to curb emotional attachments while on trades, thereby preserving his capital and multiplying his profits.


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