How To Login my OPay Without OTP

How To Login my OPay Without OTP

How To Login my OPay Without OTP

OTP means One Time Password. It is a time-sensitive secure PIN code sent to you via SMS or e-mail that is valid only for a few minutes. It is an extra layer of security placed to secure your transaction and also to log in to some apps.


OPay has adopted this security measure to secure its user’s accounts from any security threat. However, many Nigerians wonder if it is possible to log in to their OPay account without OTP. Yes, it is possible to log in to your OPay account without the OTP.


Basically, when logging into your OPay, you need to provide your phone number and password then the OTP will be sent to you. After inputting the code, you also need to input the last six digits of your BVN. However, once you are logged in to your OPay account, you can always use the platform without having to log in every time. If you want to know how to log in to OPay with OTP, then you are in the right post. Let’s dive in…


About OPay

OPay is a Fintech company licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and insured by the NDIC. The platform is a digital wallet that allows users to carry out financial transactions such as bill payments, transfers, loans, savings, and other essential services for every individual.

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OPay Digital Services Limited was founded by Opera Norway AS group with footprints in emerging markets across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Presently, the platform has over 22 million registered app users and 500,000 agents in Nigeria who rely on their services to send and receive funds and many more

How to Create an Account with OPay

The following are the steps on how to create an OPay account.

Download the OPay app on your phone
Click on Create an account and input your phone number
Enter the OTP code sent to the number
Set your password and pass the face recognition test
Choose a valid means of identification method and enter the ID information.
Fill in the required information to complete the registration.

How to Upgrade your Opay Account from Tier 1to Tier 2

Below are the steps on how to upgrade your OPay account from tier 1 to tier 2.

 Log in to your account
Click on the Profile Icon at the top left corner of the page
Click on Account Tier and select Upgrade Tier 2
Enter your 11 digits BVN to upgrade to Tier 2

How to Login to OPay Account Without OTP

The following are steps on how to log into an OPay account without OTP.

Firstly, after creating your OPay account, click on Me
Click on the Settings Icon at the top right corner of the page
Click on Login settings then enable the Biometric setting (users can use Face ID or Fingerprint to log in)


How do I find my OTP code?

The OTP code is sent to you via SMS or e-mail which is valid only for a few minutes.

Can banks send OTP codes to email?

Yes, banks can send OTP code to email but only if the email is registered to the bank account.

Can I open an Opay account with USSD code?

yes, you can open an account on OPay with the USSD code. Simply Dial *955# on your phone to open an account with OPay or carry out financial transactions.

Conclusion: How To Login my OPay Without OTP

Many OPay users are not aware that they can easily log into their OPay Without OTP and BVN. By enabling the biometric settings, users can log in to their OPay account via fingerprint or Face ID.



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