Is Oraimo Power Bank Good for iPhone?

Is Oraimo Power Bank Good for iPhone?

Is Oraimo Power Bank Good for iPhone?

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Power banks are a unique set of batteries in an enclosed Casing designed to recharge your electronic devices. Due to the lack of electricity in most areas of Nigeria, power banks have become essential to most phone users.

Oraimo power bank is a portable power solution that provides emergency power to a wide range of electronic devicesespecially while you are on the move.

However, a power bank built to high-quality standards poses no harm to your mobile phone and other electronic devices. While low standard power bank poses a threat to your batteries.

Many people wonder if the Oraimo power bank is good for iPhones. Oraimo power bank is one of the best power banks currently in the market. Because it has proven itself to be a high-quality standard power bank, which makes it a good power bank for iPhone.

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Overview Of Oraimo Power Bank

Oraimo company was founded in Hong Kong, it specializes in the design, R&D, production, and sales of 3C accessories. The company was started by a group of people who believe in the spirit of exploring to change the world by producing high-quality smart accessories. And they are dedicated to providing the end user with fashionable and creative products.

Oraimo has captured the heart of millions of smartphone users with quality products, making it one of Nigeria’s best accessories and gadget brands.

List of Oraimo accessories and Gadget in Nigeria

The following are gadgets and accessories manufactured by Oraimo.

  • Oraimo power banks
  • Oraimo phone chargers
  • Oraimo phone batteries
  • Oraimo earphones and earbuds
  • Oraimo cables
  • Oraimo Bluetooth speakers
  • Oraimo smartwatches
  • Oraimo memory card and flash
  • Oraimo adapter
  • Oraimo wireless headset.

How To Choose A Good Power Bank For Your IPhone

The following are some factors to consider before getting a new power bank for your iPhone;


The capacity of the power bank should always be more than the battery capacity of your phone. For example, a power bank with 30,000mah would be able to charge your phone battery with a capacity of 5,000mah fully five times.

The Number of Ports

Most new power banks come with at least two different input ports (USB, Type C, and iPhone ports). However, the number of outputs in a power bank differs depending on how many devices you need to charge simultaneously.


Any power bank that offers a voltage of less than 5V, will damage your battery instead of charging it. Because the ideal voltage charge of a mobile phone is 5V or above.


Buying a ridiculously cheap and nameless power bank will definitely damage your phone battery. That is why, you should always purchase a power bank with a good brand such as Oraimo, new age, Havit, or Fil.


Is it ok to use a power bank for iPhone?

Yes, but using a power bank to constantly keep your phone at 100% will over time damage the battery. So it would be best if you use the power bank to charge your iPhone only when needed.

How do I choose a power bank for my iPhone?

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The thing to consider before buying a power bank

  • Brand name
  • Capacity
  • Number of ports
  • Voltage

Which brand of the power bank is best?

Ten best power bank brands in Nigeria

  • Oraimo Power Bank
  • New Age Power Bank
  • Samsung Power Bank
  • Havit Power Bank
  • Xiaomi Power Bank
  • Remax Power Bank
  • Pisen Power Bank
  • Anker Power Bank
  • Romoss Power Bank
  • Fil Power Bank

Conclusion: Is Oraimo Power Bank Good for IPhone

Oraimo power bank is good for iPhones because it poses little or no harm to your battery. Additionally, after buying an Oraimo power bank, you can confirm the authenticity of the product on the Oraimo website. All you need to do is to scratch the code and enter the 16 digits on the website.

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