How To Know Original And Fake Power Bank

How To Know Original And Fake Power Bank

How To Know Original And Fake Power Bank

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Power banks are unique sets of batteries in an enclosed casing design to recharge your phones and other electronic devices. It has become essential to smartphone users due to the lack of electricity in most areas of Nigeria.

Many people complain that power bank damages phone batteries. However, to some extent, this is true; a low-quality (fake) power bank threatens your phone and other electronic devices. On the other hand, the original power bank poses no harm to your device.

Do you know it is easy to spot a fake power bank in the market? Firstly, before buying a power bank, ask yourself if this power bank is original or fake. Or are you buying it because it is beautiful or very cheap?

This article will discuss identifying original and fake power banks, so let’s get started.

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How To Spot A Fake Power Bank

No Manufacturer Name

Any power bank with no brand name; instead, what is written on them is “Power Bank” don’t get them. No matter how beautiful it appears or how overrated the so-called power bank specification is, please avoid that power bank. There are a lot of good power bank brands, such as new-age, Oraimo, Anker, Havit, Samsung and Xiaomi.

Sometimes, fake power bank manufacturers take it far to make the power bank look like an original one by printing the popular brand name. Before getting a power bank, it would be best if you had done your research on the brands you tend to buy.

Cost of Power Bank

Most fake power bank prices are too good to be true. Imagine buying a 30,000mah capacity power bank for just N5000; you should know it is a completely fake power bank. However, most seller currently tends to give you the price of an original power for a fake. So, you must be very careful when buying a power bank that its brand is not common.

Overstated Rating

Any power banks rated above 30,000mah capacity are usually fake, except those from the popular brand. Don’t be in a rush to buy; check the brand on the internet and ensure it’s a good brand and you understand what you are about to buy.

The Weight

An original rated above 30,000mah capacity is decently heavy and bulky. So, it’s fake when you see a power bank with 50,000mah capacity weighing very lite and easy to put inside your pocket.

You should understand the more the capacity of the power bank, the bigger or bucky it becomes because it has to carry more battery inside it.


Some fake power banks can be so attractive to throw you off your game. In the market, you see some power banks with many LED lights, display screens and music players.

How To Spot An Original Power Bank

Original power is contrary to the above-listed ways to spot a fake power bank. The following are ways to identify a good power bank.

  • An original power bank must come with a brand name.
  • Most original power banks come with a bar serial number on the pack that you can check online to see if it is genuine.
  • They are usually heavier.
  • The original power bank doesn’t come with too many fancy features.
  • Depending on how high the capacity is, they usually take longer time to fully get charged, except it comes with fast charge technology.
  • The original power bank doesn’t have overrated capacity like 70,000mah, 100,000mah etc.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Power Bank For Your Phone

There are some factors to be considered before buying a new power bank;


An original power bank’s ideal voltage charge for a mobile phone is 5V; however, if some fake power bank offers a voltage of less than 4.2V, which will damage your battery instead of charging it.


Before purchasing a power bank, you need to know your phone or electronic device battery capacity and determine your best power bank capacity rating. For instance, if your smartphone battery rating is 4000mah and you purchase a power bank whose rating is 10,000mah. This means the power bank could charge your smartphone fully twice.

The Number of ports

The Number of ports in a power bank differs depending on how many devices you plan to charge simultaneously.


It would be better to purchase a good power bank brand because buying a nameless and ridiculously cheap power bank might cause harm to your phone battery.

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how can I identify a good power bank?

The best way to identify a good power bank is through its weight, shape and capacity.

How do I know if my Samsung power bank is original?

The most original power bank has a black USB port on the inside. So you got a different colour inside than it’s fake.

Which power bank brand is best?

Top ten best brand

  • Oraimo power bank
  • New age power bank
  • Havit power bank
  • Romoss power bank
  • Samsung power bank
  • Ankle power bank
  • Xiaomi power bank
  • Fil power bank
  • Remax power bank
  • Pisen power bank

Conclusion: How To Know Original And Fake Power Bank

Ensure you research before buying any power bank because if you buy a fake power bank. You would not just lose your money but have damaged your phone.

You must know most original power banks have printed in greyish ink, which is lighter, clear and well-textured. While the fake ones have darker and blurry black ink, and sometimes the printing is unclear.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you got a lot of helpful information from this post; please comment and share.


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