How Long Does It Take To Process Form A In Nigeria?

How Long Does It Take To Process Form A In Nigeria?

How Long Does It Take To Process Form A In Nigeria?

The processing of form A diverse in each bank. While some banks quickly process the form, other banks can take months to process it.

The Central Bank of Nigeria designed form A to pay for service transactions, allowing customers to pay for services. As well as school fees, technical fees, dividends, loan repayment, airline tickets, personal home remittance, BTA, and PTA.

This article will discuss how long it takes to process form A in Nigeria and the best bank to process form A.


Some banks take days, weeks, and months to process Form A in Nigeria. So, using some of the fastest banks in processing form A would be better. The following are the best banks to process your form A.

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Guaranty Trust Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank plc is a limited liability company established in 1990 with a license to provide Nigerian commercial and banking services. Since the bank became operational, it has become one of Nigeria’s most renowned and service-oriented firms.

When it comes to processing form A, GTBank is very fast, and it takes about five days and above to process it.

Access Bank

Access bank was established in 1989 with a license to provide corporate and investment banking, commercial banking, and personal banking to Nigerians. After the merger with the diamond bank in 2019, access bank became one of the largest banks in Nigeria by customer base.

The bank has over 600 branches and service outlets, spanning three continents, 12 countries, and over 36 million customers. Access bank form A usually takes five days or above to process it.

First Bank

The first bank is the oldest in Nigeria, was established in 1894. The bank maintains the leading position in many of the markets in which it operates. As well as market-leading distribution capability and a well-recognized brand with a large customer base.

The first bank is the preeminent bank in west Africa, with over 800 branches, service outlets, and over 37 million customer accounts. However, processing form A in the first bank usually takes ten working days.

United Bank for Africa

UBA is one of the largest financial service institutions in Africa. It provides commercial, corporate, SME, consumer, and personal banking to over 25 million customers served through different channels. The bank was established in 1949 and had over 1000 branches around Africa.

The UBA form A usually take seven days and above to process it.

Stanbic IBTC

Stanbic IBTC is a financial service holding company in Nigeria licensed to provide commercial banking, stock brokerage, and investment advisory. As well as asset management, investor services, pension management, trustees and life insurance business in Nigeria.

Processing form A with Stanbic IBTC usually takes two weeks or more, and they offer a very attractive rate.

Keystone Bank

Keystone bank is a full-service commercial bank established in 2011. The bank is rapidly growing, with over 157 branches and ten cash offices across Nigeria. However, processing keystone bank form A takes one week or above.

Sterling Bank

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Sterling bank is a full-service national commercial bank licensed by the CBN to provide services to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. It takes two weeks or above to process sterling bank form A, and they offer a very good rate.


How much are the charges for Form A?

The charge for form A is N5,000 per declaration of e-form.

Is CBN canceling Form A?

No, CBN is not canceling form A.

What documents are required for form A?

Requirement for form A

  • A valid means of identification
  • International passport data page
  • Bank Verification Number

ConclusionHow Long Does It Take To Process Form A In Nigeria

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