review (Earn by playing games) review (Earn by playing games) review (Earn by playing games)

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Follow the below instructions to start:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Register with username, email address and password
  3. Click on REGISTER
  4. Start hitting piñata donkeys to receive reward drops, inside you will find cash, as well as donkey points, xp & game live.
  5. It is free to play
  6. Complete offers & invite friends to earn more

How to start playing on Donkeyloot?

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Create a new account, verify your email to activate it and start hitting piñata donkeys to receive reward drops. Inside you will find cash, as well as Donkey Points, xp and game lives.

Can I cash out my winnings?

You can withdraw your cash balance using multiple well-known payment processors and crypto wallets

What should I do to get more rewards?

Reward you for your activity on Donkeyloot. On average, users who complete offers, invite friends, disable AdBlock and stay active have higher chances of winning rewards. Please have in mind that there is a random factor involved as well and full rewards algorithm is not disclosed publicly.

What are game lives used for?

Each life allows you to destroy one piñata donkey.

What are Donkey Points used for?

Donkey Points can be used to enter cash raffles as well as for other game features. Donkey Points are separate from cash balance and are used only for internal purposes. You can find Donkey Points by destroying piñatas or reaching achievements in the achievements section.

What are xp points used for?

Experience points are required to unlock higher levels

How to participate in cash raffle?

Buy a raffle ticket using your Donkey Points. One random winner will be drawn automatically after the required number of players have entered

How to invite friends?

Simply give your friend your personal invitation code or link so they could join and appear on your friends list.


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