Miratel review (Is Miratel.tech legit or scam?)

Miratel review (Is Miratel.tech legit or scam?)

Miratel review (Is Miratel.tech legit or scam?)

Read all about Miratel in this Miratel.tech review.


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MIRATEL TECHNOLOGY is an online metaverse and innovation structured to solving problems faced by people using different features and increased commercialization.

MIRATEL is a multipurpose platform set to helping her users and customers to acquiring valuable online skills. MIRATEL also focus on connecting entrepreneurs, brand and businesses owners, skillful people with those who need their service.

MIRATEL also allow its users to make money through networking of their products, users and customers products by affiliating.

Mirausers also get access to some products like advanced courses and skills on the website. These skills worth Hundreds of thousands of Naira, but can be accessed with just few of their activities earnings. Below are the available skills on MIRATEL

Programming, coding

Web developing

UI/UX design

Video editing

Advanced Affiliate marketing

Social Media influencing

Email marketing

Data analysis

Shopify and E commerce

Language skill


Software and Application Development

3D Animation and Modeling Skills

Introduction to Cryptocurrency, Introduction to forex, Blockchain class, Defi class, NFTs and Advanced technical analysis

Data Science & Cloud Computing

Mirauser can also participate in Mira free beauty and talent contests and make as much as additional N200,000 monthly. They can participate with few of their activities earnings also.

Mirausers can also participate in our lucky wheel and win thousands of Naira. Our users spin and wheel which contains series of prizes and win affiliate prizes that would be converted to affiliate earnings worth their winnings.

How to earn on Miratel

  • You get whooping sum of N2000 back to your dashboard immediately after registration
  • Daily survey of MIRATEL website grants you N250
  • Daily Welfare of Mirapost gives you N350
  • You get N2,600 per every user you invite to MIRATEL.
  • You get another N200 per each user every of your downline invite.
  • THIRD GENERATION INDIRECT AFFILIATE BONUS. You also get another N100 for every user your downlines’ downline brings in. Don’t be shocked. Earnings are in abundant and unlimited as in MIRATEL

Miratel Withdrawal

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  • A non-Affiliate earner can decide to withdraw anytime as withdrawal is automated. Automation bottom is on user’s dashboard. Minimum is N20,000. All automated activities earnings withdrawal always gets paid every 20th of the Month.
  • Affiliate users can withdraw twice weekly with minimum withdrawal of N5,000 (Tuesday and Thursday, 4 to 5pm

Miratel registration/sign up

To sign up on this platform, you will need to get an activation code from any one of the verified vendors. The activation code cost 3,500.

Once you get the code, click on REGISTER, enter your name, email, password, coupon code, password and choose your package


Miratel login

To login on this platform, you will need the following:

  1. Username
  2. Password

Is Miratel legit?

Miratel is currently paying its members, however we have seen so many platforms like this, which start of well but later end up crashing after they reach a certain amount of users.

If you want to register on this platform, make sure it is with money you can afford to lose, in case things don’t go as planned.

You can leave your personal reviews below in the comment section.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is the CEO of Miratel?

The CEO of Miratel is not yet known.

Is Miratel scam?

So far, there has been no complaints from anywhere about Miratel being scam. Only time will tell, how Miratel will develop, if it will blossom or fail just like so many before it.


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