How to Block GTbank ATM Card (Stolen or missing)

How to Block GTbank ATM Card (Stolen or missing)

How to Block GTbank ATM Card (Stolen or missing)

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The theft or loss of ATM cards can cause serious problems and pose a risk to your financial institution. Notifying your bank and having them block such cards is a smart thing. You can immediately block your GT bank card by calling the customer service number.

You have many options to perform such tasks at your bank. You can therefore skip the lengthy queues to report your complaints at the bank and block the card from anywhere.


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When is it time to block your GTBank ATM card?

A Guarantee Trust Bank ATM or Debit Card can be blocked for many reasons. You can also see these other reasons.

These events may happen once or more often. Therefore, it is essential to be able to block or hotlist your ATMs when they occur quickly.

There are several ways to block your GTBank ATM card

There are many ways to block an ATM at GT Bank. Most banks use the analog hotlisting method, which requires that one goes to the bank to fill out forms and complain. This allows for fraud and other malicious acts to be committed on your account.

The most technologically advanced Guarantee Trust Bank has quick and effective solutions. This is especially important when it’s not possible to access the bank on weekends or via shortcodes, USSDs, or other means.

These are the ways you can block your Guarantee Bank Debit or credit cards

  • SMS
  • Codes for the USSD
  • Internet banking
  • Calling Card Services

How to block GTBank ATM Card using SMS

It is accessible to Hotlist your GT Bank ATM card via SMS.

Send HOTLIST or ACCOUNT NUMBER (in particular NUBAN(Nigerian Uniform Bank account Number) ACCOUNT NUMBER) to 08076665555

The SMS must be sent from the bank account linked phone number. SMS charges will apply.

After sending this SMS, your ATM and account will be blocked. The bank will confirm this by sending a confirmation SMS.

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How to block GTB ATM Card using USSD code

GT Bank recently advised their customers to use the *737# USSD code to block accounts in compromise cases.

This medium can be used to block your account.

  • You can dial *737*51*74 from any Nigerian mobile phone number and have your bank account locked for free.
  • After dialing the number, enter your account registration phone number and your 737 PIN.
  • Your account will then be locked, and you will not be able to make any transactions (including debits or transfers) and your ATM card blocked.
  • Call the GTB customer care center, GT, or visit any GT Bank close to you to unlock your account.

How to block GTBank ATM Card via online banking

These are the steps to block your GTB ATM Card via Online Banking

  • First, register for online banking using your bank details from your bank form.
  • Log in to GT Bank’s online banking portal at using your correct details (Username, Password).
  • Click the Menu button to select “Cards & Cheques.”
  • From the left menu panel, click on “Cards.”
  • Click on “Card Hotlist.”
  • Enter the Card number.
  • Describe the reason you are requesting card hotlisting.
  • Answer security questions that have been set.
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Enter your “Token Code.”
  • To complete the process, click on “Continue.”

Your ATM card will immediately be blocked.

Card Calling Services: Blocking an ATM Card from GTBank

It is easy to block your ATM card by using GTbank’s card call service. You will only need to call the card services via their number depending on the loss of the card.

Call 01-4480000, 08039003900, or 0700GTConnect to request the deactivation of your ATM cards. This will take place almost immediately.

It is advantageous to block your ATM card as it stops unwarranted access to your account. Hotlisting will make your card useless forever and render it inoperable if it is ever lost.

The bank will issue a new card, and all transactions or payments made with the old card must be reversed.

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It is now easier than ever to block a GT Bank ATM Card. This is possible by using simple online banking, mobile SMS, USSD codes, and mobile number. You don’t have to be forced into submission if your card is lost or stolen. Follow the steps above.



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