Royal Q robot review (Is Royal Q robot Legit or scam?)

Royal Q robot review (Is Royal Q robot Legit or scam?)

Royal Q robot review (Is Royal Q robot Legit or scam?)

Royal robot Q

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I know you must have been hearing about the trending Royal Q cryptocurrency trading bot, so, in this post, we will be reviewing the Royal Q bot. Whether it is good for you, maybe it is a scam or legit, how to make money from it, the advantages of using it and many more. Read on!

What is Royal Q bot?

The Royal Q cryptocurrency trading BOT is an Android or IOS app that has been integrated with a set of commands to give traders trading signals, so they can determine whether to buy or sell a cryptocurrency pair at any particular given time.

This app is developed and owned by a Chinese entity, Royal Q trading bot can aid you in the automation of crypto market analysis, collect crypto market data, help identify potential crypto market risk, and also buy or sell assets.

The Royal Q bot will save you time as well as losing your money while trading for yourself, you will be guided by it, you can think of it as an expert crypto coach or trainer. You just need to set it up, then sit back and relax while it trades crypto for you on autopilot.

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Royal Q bot pros

Simple and straightforward to use: Royal Q bot have no hidden agenda at all, even someone that is not tech-savvy can use it. Users can get fool-type quantitative financial management by simply binding the Huobi and Binance Exchange APIs, selecting the relevant currency, the associated intelligent strategy style, and one-click start.

Live and real-time strategy analysis: It displays a live feed update of what’s going on in the crypto market and make sure that you never lag behind on vital information which can help you make critical trading decisions. You will be taken through the bull and bear market.

Artificial intelligence algorithm: 24/7 continuous intelligent tracking, robust data analysis and processing capabilities, and execute relevant operation strategies are all part of the artificial intelligence algorithm.

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Quantitative Trading Techniques: The system employs artificial intelligence algorithms to match quantitative trading strategies that are appropriate for the present market scenario, removing the issue of quantitative trading users, unprofessional judgments of trends and failing to match in time utilizing corresponding techniques.

Royal Q bot cons

Trading bots are not perfect: Not even Royal Q bot only, but all trading bots in general. They are just robots that have been programmed with a set of commands which will allow them to foresee crypto markets so they can place buy or sell orders based on analysis, but sometimes, they might encounter programming errors which will make them trade crypto assets that will not favour you and in turn, you lose money.

How to setup Royal Q trading bot

Before you can start using Royal Q crypto trading bot, you need to integrate it with a 3rd party trading or exchange app such as Binance E.T.C

As at the time of writing this article, Royal Q bot can only be integrated with two major 3rd party app, which is:


Below are the steps to set Royal Q bot up and integrate it with a 3rd party app:

  • To get started, head over to Google play store (Android phones) or the IOS app store (iPhones)and download the app
  • After downloading and the installation process is over, create an account, or if you have an existing account, log it in
  • Now, login to your Binance account, or create an account if you are not an existing user. Then connect the Binance API key with the Royal Q crypto trading bot

And voila! You have integrated the Royal Q bot with a 3rd party app so you can start trading.

Note: Before you can begin trading, you will need an activation fee of 120 USDT, the fee will now be split into two parts.

  • 100 USDT for the bot 1-year subscription
  • 20 USDT for gas fuel

How to integrate Royal Q trading bot into Binance app

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  • Login to your Binance app, on the homepage, click on more
  • Now scroll all the way down to the “More” section and click on API management
  • You will be taken to a new screen where you can create an API key, give it a name and click create
  • Click on the API you have just created and set some safety restrictions for it by checking the “Enable reading” and “Enable spot and margin trading” boxes. By doing this, the Royal Q bot will not have access to your Binance account funds and you can be on the completely safe side.
  • Now copy your API key and open up your Royal Q app, on the homepage, click on API binding.
  • You will have to choose which 3rd party API you are binding, click on Binance and paste the copied API key into the blank box provided

That’s it! You have successfully integrated a 3rd party app, you can start trading right away.


Can I trust Royal Q bot with my investment funds?

Yes you can, Royal Q is very safe and secure, they never store your funds, every profit you make from trading goes into your integrated 3rd party app, the only payment Royal Q requires is just the initial 120 USDT activation fee.

What is Royal Q trading strategy?

The app employs (AI) artificial intelligence techniques to automatically match quantitative trading strategies based on analysis that are appropriate for the current market situation, avoiding issues such as quantitative trading users and unprofessional judgments of trends and failure to match in time using corresponding strategies.

What is the cost of using the Royal Q bot?

There is no hidden cost or fees, just the initial payment of 120 USDT, 100 USDT for the Royal Q bot a year subscription and 20 USDT for gas fuel. They do not charge a fee on your trading profits too.

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In Conclusion

Royal Q is legitimate, and individuals are cashing out; it is not the only trading robot used by crypto traders, but it is very reasonable and cheap at the same time, which is why they are so popular among traders. Download the app today and try it out, however, I will advise you not to invest more money than you can avoid losing.

Yes, this is a bot that’s using (AI) artificial intelligence, but sometimes, error might occur, do not place all your trust in it, instead, learn more on how to be a pro trader so you can stop relying on a bot that might mess up at anytime time.

Thanks for reading to the end, if you have any questions, concerns or queries, let me know in the comment section below.

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10 thoughts on “Royal Q robot review (Is Royal Q robot Legit or scam?)

  1. How do I transfer money (120USDT) to d Royal Q bot/Binance)? I tout Nigeria govt ban trading of Cryptocurrency? Can I transfer from my account directly to Binance without blocking my account?

    1. You can buy from someone who will transfer to your binance wallet. you don’t have to use your bank details on binance. Once royalQ is binded with your binance, it operates with the usdt directly on binance.

  2. I tout Nigeria govt ban trading of Cryptocurrency? Can I transfer from my account directly to Binance without blocking my account?

  3. Can you pls explain to me what other crypto that works like this or easy more than this and safety, also pls what is the meaning of $20 for gas fee, whats gas fee?

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