Paycentre POS, charges, price, commission, agent and more

Paycentre POS, charges, price, commission, agent and more

Paycentre POS, charges, price, commission, agent and more

Paycentre pos

Paycentre is one of the best agency banking solutions in Africa. PayCentre POS offers a variety of services to both banks and their customers, including mobile payments, online payments, and cardless cash withdrawals.

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PayCentres’s simple and intuitive POS machine and mobile app allows you to withdraw money with just your phone number! Plus, Paycentre was designed with African market needs in mind. For instance, PayCentres can be used on any SIM card or data connection because it doesn’t require an internet connection.

In this article, I will be reviewing Paycentre, how you can become their agent, the requirements, and their commissions.

What is Paycentre?

The E-settlement company owns Paycentre Africa, a CBN-licensed mobile money and agency banking services provider in Nigeria. Paycenter Africa is a safe and secure agency banking service that allows people to perform banking transaction services like cash withdrawals, bill payments, and interbank transfers without having to go to a bank branch.

Who is the pioneer behind Paycentre?

Paycentre is a service provided by E-settlement Limited, a Nigerian corporation with the RC 1461681 registration number. E-settlement Limited is a private-sector-led limited liability business based in Lagos, Nigeria that specializes in offering innovative solutions.

Dependable. Payment solutions for everyday financial difficulties in Africa that are simple to use, affordable, and secure. Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba is where the company’s headquarters are located. Nigeria’s Lagos State

Paycentre Features

Their user-friendly platform gives you complete control and visibility as an agent, this allows you to render service to your customers.

You can carry out the following transactions using the Paycentre solution without having to visit the bank vicinity:

  • Bank Account Opening
  • Deposit Money/Cash in
  • Money Withdrawal/Cash out
  • Loan Application
  • ATM Card Issuance
  • ATM Card Activation
  • Funds Transfer
  • Bills Payment
  • Recharge Top Up

Why you should become a Paycentre POS agent

Easy sign up process: Paycentre agent sign up process is as easy as ABC, it has no hidden agenda, just straight forward and not confusing.

Access to loans: The instant you sign up and are approved as an agent, you will get exclusive access to borrow a loan to support your business.

Earn commission as an agent: You receive commission on every transaction you complete using the agent app, as well as withdrawals made via the M-pad machine.

This commission is calculated based on the amount withdrawn by the customer and typically ranges between 40 and 100 Naira every transaction (it can be more depending on the amount).

You’ll also get paid for each account you open and card you activate through your agent center.

Low and competitive transaction commission: Paycentre have one of the lowest transaction commission charges when compared to some banking solutions in it’s category.

Earn a decent passive income: PayCentre creates employment opportunities. They care about their Agents and want them to run profitable businesses and earn decent wages.

Quick dispute resolution: If you run into a problem or you need an error resolved, you can contact their support center and you will be attended to swiftly

Transparency: Integrity is a value Paycentre demonstrates all of the time by ensuring that all transactions are transparent and visible.

99% Uptime: Paycentre services are available 24/7, they barely have any downtime, even if you want to perform a transaction at night.

How to become a Paycentre POS agent

To become a Paycentre agent, all you have to do is visit their agent sign up website or download the agent app from the Google Play store, fill out the agent application form, and submit it.

After you’ve completed your application, you’ll need to wait for approval before you can get your agent ID and start working.

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Below are the requirement you need to have before applying:

  • Android Phone
  • Valid ID
  • Passport Photograph
  • Utility Bill (Not older than 3 months)
  • CAC Certificate (for corporate entities)
  • Physical Location

How to activate Paycentre agent account

  • Enter the eight-digit activation code that was sent to your phone number or E-mail address.
  • Go ahead and click the next button.
  • Use your registered phone number and the default password to log in (6-digit)
  • After you log in, create a new password.
  • Choose Create POS Account and enter the information (Username and your Transaction Pin)
  • Complete all other required fields and submit.

How to get Paycentre M-POS device

You are entitled to a Pinpad machine (also known as M-pos or Paypad card reader) as an agent to assist you in running your mobile money shop more efficiently. There are a few things you must do in order to receive a Pinpad.

All agents who want to apply for M-pos must pay a maintenance charge of N10,000 (ten thousand Naira) and a branding materials fee of N4,000 (four thousand naira). The company’s Ambassador issues the agent a Pinpad after a successful payment.

How to activate Paycentre Pinpad device

  • Make sure your internet connection is up and running.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the Paycentre app. Press the power button to turn on the pinpad.
  • To see the entire screen, press the arrow up key.
  • If you’re using a mobile device Bluetooth Devices that are Available
  • Keep an eye out for your Pinpad’s serial number, which you’ll need to match it with.
  • Choose a device to pair with.
  • And that’s it, you’ve gotten it activated and ready to transact

Paycentre commission charges

Services Range of Commission
Withdrawals ₦1K-₦5K 0.75%
  ₦5K-₦10K ₦55
  ₦10K-₦15K ₦75
  ₦15K-₦20K ₦99
  ₦20K-₦25K ₦115
  ₦25K-₦30K ₦135
  ₦30K-₦40K ₦165
Transfer & Deposits ₦1-₦5K ₦10
  ₦5K-₦50K ₦26
  More than ₦50K ₦50
Agent to Agent ₦1-₦250K ₦50
Airtime Recharge   Agent will earn 2%
Cable TV Top Up   Agent will earn 1%


Paycentre has also announced the addition of a cardless withdrawal service, which allows clients to withdraw money from their bank accounts without the use of an ATM card by just dialing a USSD code. This service is planned to begin with over ten banks in Nigeria.

Paycentre customer support

Phone Support: +23417006213

Email Address:

Social media handles:


How to qualify for a loan?

You must have been a Paycentre agent for at least 12 months and have completed at least 600 transactions per month for the previous three months.

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Time to apply for a loan?

You can apply on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays if you are eligible.

How can you pay back your loan?

You repay your debt by deducting money from your account balance on a daily basis.

What bank cards can you use with Paycentre?

All Nigerian debit and credit cards are accepted by the Paycentre application.

Is there a limit to daily transaction?

There is no limit to how many transactions you can carry out. However, you are limited to a Cash-Out limit of 30,000 and a Funds Transfer limit of 100,000.


PayCentre is quite popular in several Nigerian states, but it hasn’t yet reached its full potential, so you still have time to enroll and earn commissions from your transactions. You can also run VTU services and earn a lot of money just by selling recharge cards.

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