How to register on Zuga Coin (Zuga Coin registration)

How to register on Zuga Coin (Zuga Coin registration)

How to register on Zuga Coin (Zuga Coin registration)

Zuga Coin is a cryptocurrency that was created by Arch bishop Sam Zuga. It intends empower people and help improve the African economy.

If you want to register on Zuga Coin, or know all about Zuga Coin registration, then you have come to the right place.

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How to register on Zuga Coin (Zuga coin registration)

To register as on Zuga Coin, you will need to register as a member of the Sam Zuga foundation multi-purpose cooperative society limited with any amount of your capacity.

You will be given Zuga Coin 10 times the amount of your registration. This will stop on the 10/11/2020. The presale of Zuga Coin will kick off on the 14/11/2020 and will be sold at the cheapest rate ever of 400 dollars per coin.

Zugacoin has only 1,000,000 tokens valued at 100ETH each at the initial cost, and it will increase along with the value of ethereum.

The amount of Zuga coin is limited, as intended, so it will be very scarce. This means that owners of any amount of Zuga Coin will be very rich.

About Zuga Coin

Zugacoin is an African cryptocurrency created by Archbishop Sam Zuga. It is a Unique brainchild that aims to rebuild Africa’s dying economy by becoming Africa’s first coin in equity & investment funding for Africa’s government.

Founders of Zugacoin has pointed out the challenge of starting a business in Africa and how it intends to solve this problem by giving out loans to aid businesses and encourage investors.

Zugacoin wants to change Africa for good, through the use of blockchain technology based ecosystem of tools and services designed for entrepreneurs in the rising economies of Africa and beyond.

Zugacoin aims to unlock the potential of the world’s largest growing workforce by creating, learning, earning, spending, and saving opportunities across Africa.


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130 thoughts on “How to register on Zuga Coin (Zuga Coin registration)

    1. Pls those who are interestd if you are in abj is easy the details I will send to you where to pay I am askg you guys to give your money to me I just wonna help or call me if in abuja we both together go and you pay and with your evidence you will be captured and credited simple. 08107111403

      1. Thank goodness, finally I could get information on how to invest. I need more enlightment please.

  1. The creation of Zuga Coin is exciting phenomenon and one to elevate Africa and her economies to a new height. Well deserved. Kudos to Bishop Zuga!

    I would like to register and make financial donation, and become part of this wonderful trend. Please advise.

  2. After going through what zuga coin is all about .am convinced to join .how do I join.I need a link .

  3. It really a nice platform for the African countries tho it here in the US,,,if you’re interested and you want to register, kindly hit me up on WhatsApp let get started…

  4. Wow.. this great.. I have gone through zugacoin. And I am satisfied with all I saw. I will love to be a member of zugacoin. Please i want to registered?

  5. It won’t be back if I turn a billionaire before 20years.
    Am all in .
    How do we get started Ma/Sir

    1. Please call mrs Chioma on 07065126589, she will explain to you all you need to know about zugacoin.

  6. I want to be a dedicated member of zugacoin, please give me the best direction, I love what I saw.

  7. Then up till now am confused how much are you going to start with, an where are you going to send the money


  9. The smart people that understand the future of crypto currency are acquiring the coin NOWWWWW.
    CHAT ME UP ON 08025846748

  10. Wonderful ideas. How come am hearing of this zugacoin initiatives today
    Kindly educate me on how to register and benefits. Thanks God zugacoin

  11. Please I need a patient agent who can detail everything to me, cause the last person I charted with wasn’t patient enough please ?

    1. Please call 07065126589, she will explain to you all you need to know about zugacoin and how to make money from it

  12. I will like to register on Zugacoin, please can someone withdraw weekly? Example registered with 30k how much will I get in a week? Thanks

  13. I’m interested to register with zuga coins but I didn’t know how go about it please help if the registration is still on

  14. Good morning ? please how much is the least amount required to invest in zugacoin thanks.ogor mcandrews

  15. Am interested in getting registered pls how do I register legitimately am in Ondo state Nigeria

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