Zuga Coin to Naira (How much is Zugacoin in Naira?)

Zuga Coin to Naira (How much is Zugacoin in Naira?)

Zuga Coin to Naira (How much is Zugacoin in Naira?)

Zugacoin is an African cryptocurrency created by Archbishop Sam Zuga. It is a Unique brainchild that aims to rebuild Africa’s dying economy by becoming Africa’s first coin in equity & investment funding for Africa’s government.

Founders of Zugacoin has pointed out the challenge of starting a business in Africa and how it intends to solve this problem by giving out loans to aid businesses and encourage investors.

Zugacoin wants to change Africa for good, through the use of blockchain technology based ecosystem of tools and services designed for entrepreneurs in the rising economies of Africa and beyond.

Zugacoin aims to unlock the potential of the world’s largest growing workforce by creating, learning, earning, spending, and saving opportunities across Africa.

The target users of Zugacoin is Africa. Trageting the poor, underemployed and unemployed, as well as assisting the African government in developing the economy.

In this blogpost, am going to answer the following:

Zuga Coin to naira

Zugacoin to Naira

1 Zuga Coin to Naira

Zuga Coin to USD


The price of Zuga Coin is the price of 100 ETH. The price of one ethereum as at the time of writing this post is $731 (278,000 naira).

Zuga Coin to USD = $29,673

1 Zuga Coin to naira = 11,275,740


You can check the latest price of Zuga Coin here https://coingecko.com/coins/zugacoin


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42 thoughts on “Zuga Coin to Naira (How much is Zugacoin in Naira?)

  1. SIR,
    Ihave attended the training @ 1st forty hotel and wish to join /register, please send me a link with which to directly register and commence business
    muhammad rabiu ibrahim

  2. How much coin do I have to gain if I register with 1000 naira and how long will it take before I get credited in my coin wallet? Please reply me…

  3. How can I get a wallet in zuga and how can I invest I have not done it before please but me through

  4. Pls, I made a deposit, over 2hours and I have not received my coins, what’s happening?

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