How to sell tbc in Nigeria?

How to sell tbc in Nigeria?

How to sell tbc in Nigeria?

Many tbc (the billion coin) users want to know how to sell tbc in Nigeria. If you own tbc and you are looking for tbc exchangers in Nigeria, or a way with which you can sell your tbc, then you are in the right place.

In this blogpost, am going to show you all you will need to about the billion coin (tbc), how it works, and how to sell tbc in Nigeria.

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How to sell tbc in Nigeria
How to sell tbc in Nigeria

What is the billion coin (tbc)?

The billion coin (tbc) is a digital currency just like bitcoin, but the way it works is quite different from bitcoin and the other types of cryptocurrencies.

According to the founders, tbc price increases by 1-5% daily, and its value is based on the number of users.

i.e. Price = Number of verified users

This means that if tbc reaches 1 billion users, the price of one TBC will be 1 billion euros.

The billion coin was launched in 2016, the founder is not known, but it has an admin known as Kris Kringle.

Tbc is a very controversial currency, and many have labelled it as scam, since it does not follow the decentralized nature of other cryptocurrencies and is also not listed on the Coinmarketcap, and as such cannot be traded on.

According to its founders, tbc was created with a concept of ending poverty globally and bringing a sort of balance between the poor and the rich.

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How to sell tbc in Nigeria?

If you want to sell tbc in Nigeria, there are some things you will need to know. One of the most important things to know, if you want to sell tbc is the current price.

The price of tbc is equal to the number of verified users, i.e. Price = Number of verified users.

Tbc is not listed on any of the popular cryptocurrency exchange or platform like coinbase, binance, Coinmarketcap etc. Hence it cannot be traded on these exchanges.

Tbc doesn’t have its own market and since it’s price is kind of difficult to determine, it can become a problem for its owners.

There are tbc exchangers in Nigeria that allow you to sell your tbc for cash, or convert your tbc to other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum etc. but usually, most of them are scam platforms.

Websites that allow tbc trading in Nigeria:

  2. Tbcexchange trade

If you can’t find a trusted tbc exchanger in Nigeria, you can sell directly to other tbc users. There are Facebook groups and also individuals that will offer you goods for tbc.

You can search on Facebook for people who accept tbc for goods and services, and do your due diligence to make sure they are trusted before you deal with them.

The problem here is that, the value of tbc is not fixed, and as such you can have traders offering you ridiculous rate for their services.

It is because of the above reason that many feel tbc is not a cryptocurrency, but an MLM platform that will soon crash, once people stop joining.

If you own tbc coins, the best option might be to look for a person who is willing to accept tbc for their service or goods and sell to them at a good rate.

NOTE: Selling of tbc should be at the current price, so your tbc wallet won’t be deactivated or suspended.


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