Cardnosh review(is cardnosh legit?)

Cardnosh review(is cardnosh legit?)

Cardnosh review(is cardnosh legit?)

Cardnosh is an nigerian e-currency and cryptocurrency trading platform that has been in operation since 2016.

On cardnosh you can sell iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, steam wallet gift card, Google play gift card, Target gift card e.t.c.

Before we get into the cardnosh review, let’s remind ourselves what a gift card is.

What is a gift card?

Gift card
Gift cards

A gift card is a type of card that is issued by a retail store.

This card usually has cash value and can be used for purchases within that particular store.

This means that you can’t use a gift card issued by one store to make purchases on another store.

These gift cards are usually given out by the stores to ensure you return back to it. It is sometimes a strategy used by marketers.

Let’s get into the cardnosh review in full

Table of contents

1. Cardnosh

2. Cardnosh gift cards

3. How to convert/sell your gift card to naira on cardnosh

4. Cardnosh customer support

5. Is cardnosh legit?

6. Alternatives to cardnosh

7. Conclusion



Cardnosh review

Cardnosh is an e-currency and cryptocurrency trading platform.

Cardnosh is a registered Nigerian business under the corporate affairs commission, with the name “cardnosh trading sevices” and RC number 2777339.

Cardnosh has been trading gift cards and cryptocurrencies since 2016.

On cardnosh, you can trade gift cards like iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, steam wallet gift card, Google play gift card, target cards e.t.c.

Cardnosh buys physical cards, ecodes, big denomination cards, cards with receipts and cards without receipts.

Cardnosh also buys bitcoin and RMB.

Cardnosh gift cards

Cardnosh supports a wide range of gift cards, some of them are:

1. iTunes gift cards

2. Amazon gift cards

3. Walmart gift cards

4. Steam wallet gift cards

5. Google play gift cards

6. Target gift cards

Cardnosh also supports a lot of other gift cards, and it’s better to consult support and ask for the rates.

How to convert/sell your gift card to naira on cardnosh

There are two different ways with which you can trade on cardnosh, you can decide to trade with them directly on WhatsApp(or+23481253494)  you can also decide to trade on the cardnosh dashboard.

For you to trade on the cardnosh dashboard, you will have to register an account, but if you are trading directly with them on WhatsApp, that will not be necessary.

Next step is to

1. Request for rates:

Once you contact cardnosh, you are to tell the cardnosh the card you want to trade on, the rate will be given to you.

If you are ok with rate, you will need to proceed with the trade.

2. Upload gift card:

If it is a physical gift card, you are to upload the picture, if its an ecode, you are to send the correct code.

3. Wait for verification:

You will need to wait for the agent to verify the card, this process is usually very quick.

Once the card has been verified successfully, you will be asked to send your bank details and your account will be credited.

Cardnosh customer support

Cardnosh has primarily one customer support channel, which is via WhatsApp:


Is cardnosh legit?

Yes, cardnosh is a legit platform for trading gift cards for naira, they have been recommended on top Nigerian websites like dailytrust newspapers, techpoint Africa, Naijaloaded, naijatechguide, techcabal, information Nigeria e.t.c.

They have been fufilling customer orders since 2016 and are still fufilling till this day.

On cardnosh being labelled a scam by some people.

You should know that any platform that is involved in this business of trading gift cards has been called scam at some point.

It is almost inevitable, and since you can’t please every customer, it is something you will just need to get accustomed to.

The likes of afrbtc, sellcardbtc, cardtonic(which we will be looking at later in this post) have all been called scam at some point, but that doesn’t just brand them as scam.

oIf you are looking to get in the business of trading gift cards, look no further than cardnosh.

Alternatives to cardnosh

If for some reason you decide that cardnosh is not for you and you would rather trade on another platform, you can consider the for trading platforms:


Afrbtc is a professional website for trading gift cards and bitcoin.

You can sell iTunes gift card, sell Amazon gift card, Googleplay gift card, steam wallet gift card e.t.c.

Afrbtc is one of the most popular gift card trading platform in Nigeria.


Patricia technologies limited (Rc-1484208) is gift cards trading platform.

Patricia was founded in 2017, Patricia has been committed to making the e-commerce space more user centric by removing the complications and barriers that limit the enormous advantage of e-commerce in Nigeria and beyond.

Patricia accepts a wide range of gift cards, so you should have no problem trading your gift cards.


Sellcardbtc is a gift card trading website.

On sellcardbtc, you can sell your iTunes gift card, convert Amazon gift card to naira, sell Sephora gift card, sell Googleplay gift card, steam gift card and wallmart gift card.

I particularly like sellcardbtc, as the process is very easy to understand, and their website is top notch also.

You can also sell Bitcoin on the platform.


Cardtonic is a gift card trading platform that is duly registered under the Nigerian corporate affairs commission with the name “cardtonic trading services” and the RC number 2654401.

You can sell iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, steam wallet gift , googleplay gift card, Walmart gift card e.t.c


I hope that with this cardnosh review, you now know everything you will need to know about the platform called cardnosh.

At the end of the day, the platform you will use will depend on your preference, but I think cardnosh is a great platform to trade your gift card.

If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below, and I will tend to them as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

Have you used the cardnosh platform before? Leave your reviews below.

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