Best Bitcoin faucets 2019 (All you should know)

Best Bitcoin faucets 2019 (All you should know)

Best Bitcoin faucets 2019

Best bitcoin faucets Nigeria
Best bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin faucets are a type of reward system, that usually is in form of an app or a website.

Bitcoin faucets give out Satoshis(which is a one hundred-millionth of a Bitcoin) for performing tasks on their website or app.

On Bitcoin faucets, you can watch adverts, watch videos, complete surveys, partake in lotteries and many more, the reward for this is some Satoshis.

Bitcoin faucets is one of the easiest way to make money from bitcoin.

Although time consuming, you can get some free bitcoin from them, it usually takes a little amount of time before you are able to get something tangible from these faucets.

By tangible, I mean something that will not be cancelled by transaction fees.

The original Bitcoin faucet was made by Gavin andresen, it used to dispense 5 bitcoins to each user.

That was at the very early stage of bitcoin, these faucets were used as a means of promoting the cryptocurrency and to get people to use it.

Most faucets either pay out directly to your Bitcoin wallet or use a 3rd party micropayment wallet like coinpot or faucethub.

You can also gain from these faucets by referring new users, some Bitcoin faucets pay as high as 80% for every new user that you invite to the platform.

There are also other faucets that give out alternative cryptocurrency like monero, litecoin, ethereum, dash e.t.c.

Although, it is a very slow way of getting Bitcoin, it is a very good way to begin if you are just getting into cryptocurrency, and want to know the instructions and out of how it works.

In this blog post, am going to introduce you to some of the best bitcoin faucets you can join and start getting some free Bitcoin…

Let’s get into it….

Table of contents

1. Cointiply

2. Freebitcoin

3. Btcclicks

4. Satoshiquiz

5. Moonbitcoin

6. Other good Bitcoin faucets

7. Conclusion



Cointiply was founded in 2018, it is one of the most popular and reliable Bitcoin faucets around today.

Some of the ways you can get free Satoshis on cointiply are:

i. You can earn 100 coins as sign up bonus

ii. You can win up to 100,000 Satoshis with every faucets spin

iii. Earn by visiting it’s webpages

iv. Earn by watching videos

v. Installing applications.

vi. Viewing advertisements

The minimum amount of coins you can reach before you can withdraw is 100,000 coins which is about $10.

Cointiply also lets you earn up to 25% of every new user that you bring to the platform.

Cointiply is one of the best bitcoin faucets around.


Freebitcoin is a bitcoin faucet that was launched in 2013.

It offers users the potential to win up to $300 in BTC per hour.

Freebitcoin has given out over 145,000 BTC.

Some of the ways you can get coins on freebitcoin are:

i. By rolling the dice

ii. By playing weekly lottery

iii. Visiting webpages

iv. Watching advertisements

v. Watching videos

Freebitcoin is one of the trusted Bitcoin faucets were you can get bitcoin.

Another way to gain Bitcoin on this platform is by referral, you can get up to 50% on each user.


Btcclicks was created in 2013, btcclicks is a trusted Bitcoin faucets, some of the ways you can get coins on this platform:

i. By watching videos

ii. Playing games

iii. Watching advertisements

On btcclicks, you need a minimum of 0.10000mBTC before you can withdraw.

Btcclicks also pays out up to 80% in commission for referral.


Satoshiquiz is a fun bitcoin faucet, in the form of the “who wants to be a millionaire” game.

In satoshiquiz you get coins for answering questions in a timed quiz, this is to prevent you from obviously googling the answer.

For every correct answer you get, you get some coins as a reward.

On satoshiquiz you can also get coins from referring other users.


Moonbitcoin is another Bitcoin faucet that allows you to claim rewards as much as you like.

This is quite interesting, as unlike other faucets that allow you to claim rewards hourly or daily, this faucet let’s you claim rewards at anytime.

For users to receive their rewards, you will need to create a Cryptocurrency microwallet with coinpot.

Other good Bitcoin faucets




Blockchain poker





Bitcoin faucets can be a very time consuming way of earning Bitcoin, like I wrote earlier, it is good if you are just getting involved in cryptocurrency and want to know how it works.

I hope this post has shown you some of the best bitcoin faucets you can get bitcoin from, you can pick the best or even combine a bunch of them to get more rewards.

There are also other faucets that payout other alternative cryptocurrency like dash, monero, ethereum, litecoin e.t.c.

Some of these faucets even pay out more than one cryptocurrency.

Thank you for reading and please share with your friends.


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