Top 10 Richest crypto traders in Nigeria

Top 10 Richest crypto traders in Nigeria

Top 10 Richest crypto traders in Nigeria

Read all about 10 of the richest and most successful crypto traders in Nigeria.

Cryptocurrency trading has changed the lives of many Nigerians, the opportunity that it presents has given a lot of Nigerians the avenue to amass vast wealth for themselves

The volatility of the market has made overnight millionaires, and as such we are going to be writing about the most successful and richest crypto traders in Nigeria.

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The following are the top 10 Richest crypto traders in Nigeria

Gaius Chibueze (Bitcoin chief)

Gaius Chibueze is the CEO of the Abitnetwork and Tatcoin. The ABiT network is a global technology company creating a blockchain powered solutions with a focus on the Africa community.

Gaius is a renowned cryptocurrency trader, and has taught 100s of students how to trade cryptocurrency profitably in Nigeria.

He was ranked amongst the top cryptocurrency traders in 2019, according to Binance trader rankings. In 2016, Gaius was awarded as the “Most popular Nigerian on social media” by the Association of Nigerian bloggers.

His two books titled “How bitcoin changed my life” and “Get rich off the net” has sold over 5,000 copies on Amazon. Gaius was a former senior adviser on New media to a senator at the National assembly Abuja.

Chris Ani

Chris ani net worth

Chris Ani is a crypto investor that hails from Enugu state. He was born in Lagos state, Nigeria where he grew up.

After leaving school, Chris Ani started the firm called “Big brains of Agric” and encouraged youths to take up Agriculture.

In 2017, He founded the bitcoin & crypto trading education platform called “Cryptohub”. Chris Ani has been one of the advocates of bitcoin and other cryptos, he has advised Nigerians not to miss out on Cryptocurrency, and has told them to buy bitcoin on more than one occasion.

Chris bought his first bitcoin in 2016, and founded Digital abundance business academic (DABA) in a bid to help Nigerians learn how to trade and make money from the cryptocurrency market.

Chris has organized and attended several workshops and seminars on crypto & blockchain technology across the world.

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Linus Williams Ifejika (Bitcoin Lord)

Bitcoin Lord (Linus Williams Ifejika) is a bitcoin trader, crypto entrepreneur and coach. Bitcoin Lord, also known as B-Lord hit the headlines after he was arrested alongside 13 others by the EFCC, on suspected crime fraud.

B-lord is one of the richest bitcoin traders in Nigeria, he also owns a group of companies which include B-lord bitcoin store, B-Lord gadget store, B-Lord luxury store, B-Lord automobiles.

According to an Instagram post by B-lord, he left his parents’ house at the age of 17, became a millionaire at 20, got married at 21 and had a child at 22.

Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe

Tola Joseph fadugbagbe

Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe is a Nigerian cryptocurrency trader, cryptocurrency analyst and specialist in crypto fundamentals. He is the founder of, a platform that teaches you how to trade cryptocurrency profitably.

Tola is a well-known influencer in the Nigerian crypto space, alongside the likes of Chris Ani, Gaius Chibueze and many more.

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Fidelis Ozuawala

Fidelis ozuawala

Fidelis grew up loving technology and repairing spoilt household electronics. He also at some point used to configure internet for people and they will pay him a little amount of money.

Fidelis built mobi and wapka websites as at the time when website development was still in its early stages. He also built Waploaded on the WordPress platform and grew it to become one of the most popular websites in Nigeria. gets millions of page views daily from countries like Nigeria, south Africa, Ghana and more.

He also is a crypto trader and has an academy where he teaches people how to trade crypto and also gives out signals on profitable trades.

Ifeanyi Ezenwaogene

Ifeanyi ezenwaogene

Ifeanyi ezenwaogene is well known in the Nigerian crypto space and he’s a controversial figure that splits opinion amongst crypto enthusiasts and his peers alike.

He has helped thousands (if not millions) of youths in Nigeria to attain financial freedom through his projects that is not just limited to cryptocurrency.

He is the founder of Fortune beach academy, a platform that offers courses on may ways to make money across topics like finance, health, fitness, design, cinematography, IT & software, legal, personal development, public speaking, marketing, social media and more. You can visit the website

Ifeanyi founded the crypto fortune platform, a platform that helps people to make money from the cryptocurrency market. It offers a premium group that gives you access to signals on the crypto market.

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Adekunle Daniel

Mr. Adekunle Daniel is founder and managing director/CEO, Block Stale – a blockchain startup that focuses on the use of intuitive software and hardware components to solve real time, global financial problems. He is the inventor, designer and developer of the first ever bitcoin Automated Teller Machine in Africa.

Daniel began trading digital assets as far back as 2009. His experience as a trader made him enthusiastic about digital assets. As he sees the world advancing unstoppably into digitalization of everything, he saw it as a great opportunity for his outfit to scale up.

He ventured into pioneering the great innovation in Nigeria and Africa on some solid convictions. In his view, Nigeria is a fertile market for crypto currency and already has the highest number of traders of crypto in Africa.

Yele Badamosi

Mr. Yele Badamosi, is managing director/CEO, Bundle Wallet Technology Ltd – a crypto platform inspired by the success of WeChat in Southeast Asia. Founding partner at Microtraction and formerly a director at Binance Labs, Badamosi is set on the goal of driving mass adoption of digital assets in Africa.

He has launched a social payment app within the Binance ecosystem known as Bundle, which is designed for both cash and crypto. The product is a wallet that promises to make it easy to send, request and receive cash as well as buy, sell and store digital assets such as BNB, BTC, ETH and BUSD.

Buchi Okoro

Buchi Okoro is the CEO of popular Nigeria cryptocurrency exchange Quidax. Quidax was established sometime in 2016.

Buchi Okoro and his co-founder Uzo Awili came up with the idea of Quidax, after struggling to exchange their cryptocurrency to naira.

After they figured that a number of people must have been having the same challenge, they then set up a WhatsApp group from which people sold and bought cryptocurrencies.

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje

Patricia ceo

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje is a Nigerian entrepreneur and UI designer who is the CEO of popular crypto and gift card platform Patricia technologies.

He is a graduate of Mathematics & statistics from the University of port Harcourt, and he launched Patricia in 2017, which was as a result of his struggles in finding where to sell his gift cards, which was given to him by his uncle.

Patricia has grown to become a multi-billion-naira company that has processed millions, if not billions in transactions.


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