Royal Q registration: How to register and activate Royal Q robot

Royal Q registration: How to register and activate Royal Q robot

Royal Q registration: How to register and activate Royal Q robot

Read all about how to register and activate Royal Q robot.

The Royal Q robot is gaining more popularity every day, and if you are just getting into using the royal Q robot, then you will need to know how to register and activate the Royal Q robot.

In this post, I am going to be writing about royal Q registration under the following sub-topics “How to activate Royal Q bot”, “How to bind/link Royal Q to binance”, “How to fund and deposit USDT to binance” and more.

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What is Royal Q bot?

The Royal Q cryptocurrency trading BOT is an Android or IOS app that has been integrated with a set of commands to give traders trading signals, so they can determine whether to buy or sell a cryptocurrency pair at any particular given time.

This app is developed and owned by a Chinese entity, Royal Q trading bot can aid you in the automation of crypto market analysis, collect crypto market data, help identify potential crypto market risk, and also buy or sell assets.

The Royal Q bot will save you time as well as losing your money while trading for yourself, you will be guided by it, you can think of it as an expert crypto coach or trainer. You just need to set it up, then sit back and relax while it trades crypto for you on autopilot.

Royal Q registration

Before you can use Royal Q bot, you will need to connect it to your binance account, if you don’t have a binance account, you will need to set one up.

Once you connect your binance account with your Royal Q app, then you are all set to go.

How to register with Royal Q

Follow the below instructions to register on Royal Q:

  1. Visit the link
  2. Provide your email address, password
  3. Tap on send verification code. The code will then be sent to the email address that you provided.
  4. Enter verification number code that you received in your mail.
  5. Enter the invitation code
  6. Proceed to register
  7. Download the app, which you can find on the google playstore for android and app store for iOS.

How to activate Royal Q robot

Deposit USDT to royal Q as activation fee and follow the below instructions:

  1. Access the royal Q app, click on MINE at the bottom right.
  2. Tap on asset, then deposit the royal Q USDT wallet address will appear.
  3. Send $120 USDT to the address.
  4. Then access the royal Q app & then click on MINE.
  5. Proceed to activate.

How to bind/link Royal Q to binance

You can link Royal Q to binance from either the binance app of from the Royal Q app.

From the binance app

Ensure the binance app displays binance pro instead of binance lite. Tap on the image on the top of the left to change to binance Pro.

  1. Tap MORE and scroll down
  2. Tap on API management
  3. Label API key as royal and click create API KEY.
  4. Copy the API Key and paste it in the royal Q app
  5. Below the API KEY TAP ON the triangle to access your secret key.
  6. Copy the key and paste it in royal Q.

From Royal Q app

  1. Tap on MINE, at the bottom right select binding
  2. Tap on binance to pair the binance API & secret key to bind.
  3. Tap on binding and both will be linked, you can now trade on binance

How to fund and deposit USDT to binance

  1. Tap on wallet and make deposit
  2. Search for USDT
  3. Tap on USDT and a QR code will appear.
  4. At the upper right top on TRC20
  5. Your wallet address will appear, send USDT to binance account for you to trade.

How to start trading on Royal Q app

  1. Tap on quantitative at the bottom, search for the club to trade and select it.
  2. Tap on trade setting
  3. Provide amount to trade in first purchase in amount section the confirm at the upper right corner and confirm again.
  4. Tap on start green button to start again.


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