Why Is My Smile Mifi Not Charging?

Why Is My Smile Mifi Not Charging?

Why Is My Smile Mifi Not Charging?

Read all about why is my smile mifi not charging.

Smile is a telecommunications provider that offers 4G LTE mobile broadband in several countries in Africa. It aims to become the broadband provider of choice in Africa and enable Smile customers to fully benefit from the internet world.

Smile Mifi is a wireless router that acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for multiple internet end users and mobile devices to connect. It allows users to connect devices like phones, PC, tablets, and smart TV at the same time.

When your smile Mifi suddenly stops charging for an unknown reason, it can be very frustrating. Every smile Mifi has a light indicator that shows when the Mifi is charging or fully charged but if the Mifi is plug-in and the light indicator does not blink then your Mifi is not charging.

Hence, you need to troubleshoot the issue to verify if the fault is from an improper connection or if the smile Mifi is faulty. This article will discuss why is smile Mifi not charging.

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Reason Why Smile Mifi Is Not Charging

Below are a few reasons why your smile Mifi is not charging and how to fix it.

  • Check if the USB core is properly inserted or not

Sometimes If the USB core is not properly inserted into the charging port, it may lead to a faulty connection. So always ensure the USB core is properly inserted into the charging port.

  • Use a different USB core

After ensuring the USB core is properly connected to the charging port and the Mifi is still not charging. There is a possibility that the USB core might be bad so it would best to try with a new USB core.

  • Use a different adaptor

there is a possibility that the adaptor you are using to charge your Smile Mifi is bad might be due to a power surge. Use a different adaptor to test if the fault is from your old adaptor.

  • Try a different wall socket

after trying the above-mentioned solutions and you still have a faulty connection then use a different wall socket or check if the adaptor is properly connected to the wall socket. If the Mifi charges in another wall socket, then the previous socket was faulty and you need to change it.

  • Dirt in the ports

Sometimes the ports may accumulate dirt in the charging port which can cause a faulty connection. So ensure you clean the Mifi charging port by using a toothpick and rubbing alcohol for cleaning.

  • Faulty Battery

There is a possibility that your smile Mifi battery can’t hold a charge because it has been exposed to extreme heat. Moreover, Mifi batteries’ charge-holding capacity decreases with time. So, check if your Smile Mifi is died then replace it.


How can I recharge my smile Wi-fi?

you can recharge your Smile Wi-fi via the MySmile app, XpressRecharge, and the Smile website.

How do I check my Smile Wi-fi?

You can check your Smile Wi-fi from the MySmile app and Smile website.

Who is the owner of Smile network?

Mr. Ahmad Farroukh is the CEO of smile network since May 2019. Smile offers a wide range of innovative services to enable customers to easily and securely manage, buy and recharge smile service.

Does smile work outside of Nigeria?

yes, Smile network can work across 80 countries without Nigeria.

Conclusion: why is my smile Mifi not charging

There is the diverse reason why smile Mifi might not charge so it would best to always troubleshoot first to verify the reason.

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