airdrop (Claim 500 $SUPRA tokens) airdrop (Claim 500 $SUPRA tokens) airdrop (Claim 500 $SUPRA tokens)

Read all about Supraoracles airdrop.

Follow the below instructions to claim this airdrop:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Complete all the tasks and mission to get 500 $SUPRA
  3. Register with your email address and password
  4. Click on the verification link sent to your email address
  5. Complete KYC
  6. Start your missions
  7. Unlock community tokens

What is Supra?

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According to its website “We are a team of blockchain leaders, cryptography researchers, Web3 enthusiasts on a mission to make blockchain better—faster, more secure, cheaper, more accessible.

Our game-changing innovations radically enhance the security and speed of blockchain oracles with cutting-edge security guarantees via novel consensus mechanisms, highly liquid cross-chain interoperability, and 3-5 seconds to finality. Supra helps developers access the data they need, bringing their protocols as close as possible to the data faucet.

After 5+ years of academic process, thousands of hours of research and development, countless simulations and technical breakthroughs, we’re coming out of stealth mode to solve the Oracle Dilemma and supercharge a better, decentralized future.”

What is the Value of SUPRA tokens?

Who knows! The only thing we do know is that there is a limited supply of $SUPRA and it’ll be necessary to stake to run a node on the Supra Network. Also, transaction fees for Oracles, VRF, and other services can be paid using the $SUPRA token.

Value is in the eye of the beholder. We cannot and do not claim $SUPRA tokens are worth anything. Be sure to have fun out there Cadet, and remember that this platform is for fun and learning only.

Is Supraoracles airdrop legit or scam?

Cryptocurrency is a high risk investment, and as such, no one can genuinely tell if a project is good or bad, all you can do is make your research, then cross your fingers and hope for the best.

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