How To Fund/Load UBA Dollar Prepaid Card?

How To Fund/Load UBA Dollar Prepaid Card?

How To Fund/Load UBA Dollar Prepaid Card?

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A dollar prepaid card is an international payment card issued in partnership with Mastercard. It has become Nigeria’s biggest international money transfer card for online payment.

United Bank of Africa designs UBA dollar prepaid cards for their customers and non-customers. To help manage your finance better and your banking details are safe online because the card is not linked to a bank account.

UBA dollar prepaid card is a pre-funded dollar card acceptable locally and internationally. However, knowing you can’t fund the dollar prepaid card with your naira saving account is important. So, you need a domiciliary account to fund the card.

This article will discuss how to fund UBA dollar prepaid cards and its benefit.

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Step On How To Fund UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

The following are the best ways to fund your UBA prepaid card;

Via UBA Mobile Banking App

Using the UBA mobile banking app to fund your Dollar prepaid card is easy. However, before attempting to fund the card, you need to have a Dom account with UBA and access to the mobile banking platform.

The following are the steps to fund a UBA dollar prepaid card from the UBA mobile banking app.

  • Log in to your mobile banking app
  • Click on banking
  • Select the source account (where you want to transfer the money from)
  • Click send money
  • Select your prepaid card as receiving account
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Enter narration
  • Click on transfer and enter your Pin to confirm the transaction.

Via USSD Code

  • Dial *919#
  • Select transfer to UBA prepaid card
  • Enter you pin
  • Select the source account
  • Enter your card 10 digits. (You can find the ten digits at the back of the card).
  • Enter amount

Via Bank Teller

  • Visit any UBA branch close to you
  • Fill out the deposit slip
  • Enter your card client id (10 digits) in place of the account number.
  • Give the cash and the slip to the bank teller to process.

Via PayPal

  • Log in to your PayPal
  • Link the Dollar prepaid card to PayPal
  • Click on transfer money
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer
  • Click on transfer, and you will instantly receive the fund.

The Requirement To Apply For UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

  • One recent passport photograph
  • A recent utility bill such as Nepa or water bill
  • BVN
  • Valid means of identification such as national ID, international passport, voter card, and driver’s license.

Steps On How To Apply For A UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

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  • Visit any nearest UBA branch to you
  • Request for UBA Dollar prepaid card form
  • Fill out the form with your document
  • Submit the form with copies of the required document and wait for the card print/issuance
  • Confirm your name is correctly spelled on the card.
  • Fund and change the default Pin for the activation process.

Step On How To Activate UBA Prepaid Card

The following are steps to activate the UBA prepaid card for an online transaction:

  • Fund the newly issued prepaid card with a minimum of N1,050 via any UBA teller point.
  • Visit any UBA ATM
  • Slot in your card
  • Enter your ATM default Pin stated in the card package
  • Click on enter new Pin
  • Input your personalized 4-digit Pin
  • Verify the Pin and submit.
  • Once you have activated the card, visit the website and set it up with a pin.
  • On the website, enter your default pin given to you in the envelope as your web pin.
  • Change the ATM pin for withdrawal given to you at the topmost area of the website to activate it.
  • After changing the ATM pin, you would be given an internet access pin. You must create a username and change the Pin for the internet access option.

Advantages Of UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

  • The card exchange rate is higher than the local bank.
  • You can send funds from PayPal to the card instantly.
  • The card is available to both individuals and businesses.
  • Users can transfer funds to another UBA dollar prepaid card user.
  • The card can be used for payment of online subscriptions and digital ad platforms/ services.

The Disadvantage Of UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

  • It doesn’t support all 3D platforms, and users transfer funds to these services.

The Benefit Of A Dollar Prepaid Card

  • The card can be used on ATMs, POS, and Online Transactions
  • Cardholder can access their funds 24 hrs from over 2 million ATMs globally.
  • The Mastercard prepaid card can be used in over 200 countries on major channels like POS, online transactions, and ATM
  • Dollar prepaid card is not linked to an account
  • The card can be used for budgeting and controlling your spending
  • You can generate mini statements
  • The maximum monthly limit is $10,000
  • Easy replacement when lost


What is the monthly limit on UBA prepaid card?

The maximum UBA monthly limit is $2,000.

Can I buy a dollar from UBA bank?

Yes, you can purchase dollars from any UBA branch.

Can I fund my dollar prepaid card with naira?

No, you can’t fund your dollar prepaid card with your saving account. You need to create a Dom account to fund your dollar prepaid card.

Conclusion: How To Fund/Load UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

The UBA prepaid card is operated the same way as your debit card. You can use it to make payments, withdraw cash, and transfer.

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope you got a lot of helpful information. Please share and comment.


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