How much is MTN SIM card in Nigeria?

How much is MTN SIM card in Nigeria?

How much is MTN SIM card in Nigeria?

Read all about the price of MTN SIM card in Nigeria.

MTN is a south African multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in Many Africa & Asian countries, with its head office in Johannesburg South Africa.

The MTN SIM card can be purchased from any of the MTN outlets like an MTN office or an MTN agent.

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How much is MTN SIM Card in Nigeria?


The Price of registering an MTN SIM card has significantly risen over the years. About two or three years ago, you could register an MTN SIM with just 200 naira to 500 naira.

Recently though, things have changed and it might cost you anywhere between 1500 naira to 3000 naira, depending on the outlet you are buying from. If you want to register it at a cheaper rate, I will advise you visit a verified MTN office close to you.

How to register an MTN SIM in Nigeria?

To register an MTN SIM, you will need to:

  1. Visit the nearest MTN outlet
  2. Fill a form and present your national identification number (NIN) slip
  3. Recharge and start calling


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