Is UBA having network issues today?

Is UBA having network issues today?

Is UBA having network issues today?

Read all about UBA network issues today.

If you are having issues with UBA transfer, UBA mobile app, UBA USSD, UBA ATM card, UBA internet banking, then you are probably wondering if there is something wrong with the UBA network.

Now, there are a few things you can do, to make sure that the problem is not from your end before you can rule it out as a network issues.

While it is not uncommon for there to be a problem with the UBA network from time to time, most times, the problem can be from your end.

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Is UBA having network issues today?


If you are having troubles with the UBA USSD that range from being unable to complete transactions, or get error messages, then there are a few things you can check.

Make sure you are dialing the correct UBA USSD code *919# and from the phone that is registered with your UBA account.

Always follow the on-screen prompts very quickly, as a delay can result in an error message.

Mobile app

The UBA mobile app requires you to be connected to the internet before you can complete transactions. Make sure you have a valid data plan and that your data has not been exhausted.

Your data connection/WiFi should be switched on and check to see if the problem is from your network provider.

You may need to update your mobile app or try uninstalling and reinstalling the mobile app to see if it will work.

You may have to wait and try at a later time, while using other means like USSD, internet banking, UBA LEO to carry out your transactions.

Transfer issues

If you are having problems with transfer, for example, if the money you sent has been deposited from your bank account, but the beneficiary is yet to receive it or vice versa, then there are a few things you can do.

You will have to check your bank account balance and make sure that you have been debited and the money went through and also check your transaction history to see if it went through successfully.

Ask the beneficiary to check their account balance to see if the money has reflected, even though they may not have received a corresponding alert.

Make sure you wait at least 72 hours before visiting the bank or contacting the UBA customer care i.e. if the money has still not been deposited on the beneficiary account or reversed back to yours.

Internet banking

Issues with UBA internet banking can range from being unable to login, being unable to complete transactions and more.

Make sure you are logging in with your correct User ID and password, and that you have registered for internet banking.

You may need to contact the UBA customer care to get this issued resolved

UBA customer care

0700 225 5822

+234 01-2808822

+234 01-66319822


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