How to Mint Your First NFT and Put it on the Market

How to Mint Your First NFT and Put it on the Market

How to Mint Your First NFT and Put it on the Market

If you are an artist or creative who is interested in getting started with creating NFTs, then you may be wondering how you can turn things like art, video and audio into NFTs that can be traded. The process is actually very simple, and once you have done the initial steps of creating a wallet and having some cryptocurrency to use, it will be even easier to create your next NFTs.

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For this article, we’ll be assuming you know what NFTs are, and that they are traded using cryptocurrency tokens on blockchain technology, though if you don’t already have that background information, it is easy to find good explanations online that will allow you to follow this guide to minting your first NFT.

Here is how you get started:

Create Something

There are lots of different things you can sell as NFTs, though the most common is digital artwork or animated GIFs. You can create your art however you want, in any art style you like, because just as with the normal market for physical artwork, collectors of NFTs have all different tastes. Some people create images that will be suitable for people to use as profile pictures on social media, which will typically be a unique face (like the famous ape NFTs). Some platforms like Twitter allow for a special type of display for a profile picture that makes it clear it is an NFT that the user owns, so this type of art is quite popular with people who want to have a unique look for their social media presence. This is just an idea, however, and you can really make whatever you think people will like.

Create a Wallet and Buy Tokens to Cover Fees

Once you have something you’d like to create an NFT with, the next step is to download a cryptocurrency wallet like DeFi wallet, which you’ll use to make transactions. You’ll typically use this as an app or browser extension, and it will be what your account on your chosen NFT marketplace will be based on. You will then need to buy some of the cryptocurrency tokens the marketplace you want to sell your NFT on uses, so that you can pay the fees for minting your NFT. For instance, if you want to use Rarible, you’ll need to buy Ethereum. You’ll be able to do this through your chosen wallet, and if you’re using the app, make payment in your local currency with things like Apple or Google Pay.

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Connect Your Wallet to a Marketplace and Create Your NFT

Now you have a wallet, the tokens to pay the fees, and a piece of art to sell, you are ready to mint the NFT. Go to your chosen marketplace, such as Rarible, and click on the option to create something. As it is your first visit, you’ll be prompted to connect your wallet. This is all you’ll need to do to create an account. You’ll then be able to upload your art, choose things like how many NFTs to mint of it, and set a ‘buy now’ price if you don’t want it to be an auction type sale. When you’ve selected all the options you want, you can confirm creation of the NFT, and you’ll be prompted to confirm the payment of the fees. After that, you’re all done!

The fees for creating NFTs fluctuate a lot, so make sure you check out the fees before you start the process, so you know how much cryptocurrency you’ll need, and whether you think it is worth putting your NFT up for sale now or waiting to see if fees go down.

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