Investing in the stock market: key principles with DotBig

Investing in the stock market: key principles with DotBig

Investing in the stock market: key principles with DotBig


How to invest in stocks: find out with DotBig

If you want your cash to work, not just stay in a wallet, we suggest that you should invest it in securities. This is how your cash can earn more cash. Regular investing can become a stable source of income. Even those who consider investing as an activity that will bring regular profits should learn more about this to understand how to deal with one’s savings more productively. It’s never too late to begin!

It doesn’t matter how much cash you have in your account – you can start investing and gaining more with any balance. Invest in stock market is one of the most popular methods to manage your savings with use. Let’s learn the general information about this activity and is beneficial sides.

Introduction to investing

Before we find out how to invest in the stock market, let’s make an introduction to it. This term describes several organizations called stock exchanges. Their function is to publicly display the securities of companies. Individual and institutional investors buy and sell those securities there. But this isn’t the only way to do this – regulated brokers deal with this function well, too.

The stock market is controlled by the biggest exchanges – the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Nasdaq, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Euronext, etc. Follow the stock exchanges news to be aware of relevant events that can impact the tendencies of this sector. The biggest market capitalization in the industry belongs to US organizations.

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The best brokers for investing in stocks

As mentioned before, it’s possible to find a good stock to invest in not only on an exchange but on a platform of a broker. Are there any big differences? As a rule, a broker is a regulated firm that offers services of a third-party institution, giving access to financial products publicly listed in the stock market. It’s easy for an individual to approach exchanges through brokers because some brokers are exchange members and individuals don’t need to authorize that membership.

Here, in the table below, we have several brokers that are considered the cheapest for investing in stocks:

Broker Trading fee Minimum deposit
Robinhood $0 $0
Webull $0 $0
DotBig LTD $0 $250
eToro $0 $10
Fidelity $0 $0

Getting down to investing in several steps

To find the best stock to invest in now, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Consider all the risks and define your tolerance for them. Investing in securities always involves risks, shares are exceptions. If you understand how much you can afford to lose on investing, you should start looking for appropriate stocks. They might be even subcategorized depending on their tolerance for risk.
  2. Determine your investment objectives clearly. When you register an investment account with any of the mentioned brokers, you should know what you expect to achieve and why you will invest money in shares of different companies. This might be difficult at the beginning of your investing patch. But this step is very important. Think about it for a while: maybe you need to fund your retirement or buy a house. Take your time to determine this.
  3. Find out which investing style suits you the best. Some investors are very active in the stock market, while others just buy securities and hold them until there is a good moment to sell and generate profits. Decide which approach suits you better. If you believe that you have enough knowledge in this field in order to manage your portfolio with stocks, do it. If you find it far too complicated, try investing in stock funds, such as ETFs or indices. They include multiple stocks that are unified under a certain characteristic. Investing in such baskets might minimize the risks, as well as using robo-advisors that make the process more automated. You can find such trading signals on DotBig, for example.
  4. Find your best investment account. Brokers might have several options. Your choice might depend on a preferable style and well-defined goals for investing.
  5. Get deeper into the diversification approach. For stock investors, it’s vital to understand the concept of diversification. This is necessary because the poor performance of one investment might negatively impact your entire portfolio. That’s why it’s recommended to take some time to find securities that might mitigate the negative impact of a risky investment. Putting your money into the above-mentioned assets is one of the popular ways to diversify your investment portfolio.

Stock market simulators

If you aren’t confident about your financial management skills yet, don’t be in a hurry when entering this game. It’s better to take more time to learn. Nevertheless, the pure theory will not be valuable without dedicated practice. That’s why we recommend finding some free stock market simulators.

These are special solutions that give you the possibility to manage virtual money when investing in real stocks. You don’t need to make a real deposit and put your cash at risk. With the help of such simulators, you can just train and understand how the stock market works and how to benefit from it. As it is said: “Practice makes perfect!”


Even though the stock market isn’t considered as volatile as some other markets, you should be attentive when investing in shares. Follow the news, study the financial reports of companies, and use all the available analytical tools of DotBig to generate regular profits by investing in stocks.

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