Umba referral (How to get FREE 1000 naira)

Umba referral (How to get FREE 1000 naira)

Umba referral (How to get FREE 1000 naira)

Read all about Umba and how to claim FREE 1000 naira.

Follow the below instructions to claim this FREE 1000 naira:

  1. Click on the link to download the app, which is only available on android$deeplink_path=%2Fauwal2755
  2. Open the app and register with your NIN only, let the date of birth be the same with that on your NIN.
  3. Use the referral code
  4. Take a clean selfie
  5. Complete your registration and submit for instant reviewing
  6. After your account is successfully verified
  7. Deposit 100 to your UMBER account
  8. Your 1000 naira will be added to your account
  9. You can withdraw at any time

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What is Umba

Umba is a digital bank that gives you access to unlimited transfers, loans and cashbacks. You can download the app on your phone and register an account.

According to its website “Umba is an African neo bank that offers a combination of services that both traditional and digital banks offer. Making us a one stop shop for your financial needs. We want to provide free, easier, and accessible banking to Africans.”

Is Umba legit?

We still are working on providing information on this. Make sure you subscribe to this blog as we will be providing updates on a regular.


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