How to become a betking agent, registration and requirements

How to become a betking agent, registration and requirements

How to become a betking agent, registration and requirements

Betking agent

Becoming a BetKing Agent is very lucrative, because once you’re registered into BetKing company as an agent, it gives you good chances of making money with ease, as far as you’re getting numerous costumers. Most of us may have been aspiring to become BetKing agents, but don’t have the guidelines on how to contact the company and apply successfully.

In this article you’re going to see simple and fast guidelines on how to become a successful BetKing Agent.

What is BetKing?

BetKing is a sports betting organization that was established on the 22nd of February, year 2018 in Lagos, providing online services around the Nation and agency services in five states which are situated in Nigeria. Users who adopt physical shops instead of online, can easily just move into any agent shop in Anambra, Osun, Lagos and Oyo.

Adekunle Adeniji is the co-founder of BetKing together with Byron Petzer, the CEO and gave Austin Okocha the position of the brand Ambassador as an official partner.

Is BetKing A Legal Organization?

It’s very necessary to know if a company is licensed before requesting for any of their services. Most people are still confused whether is a licensed organization, the answer is yes. BetKing is is legal and certified for people who are situated around Nigeria.

Who Is A BetKing Agent?

A BetKing Agent is an individual who runs a Betting Shop which partners with the BetKing Company, thereby providing a center where Individuals can come and place their bets, on the condition of earning money as an Agent and also through commissions from the bet placed in their shop by costumers. This simply implies that as a BetKing agent, the more costumers you get, the more money you make.

Becoming a BetKing agent leaves you with a golden chance to become an business owner. There is no other position that is satisfying as the position of being a Boss. You will make lots of money as an Agent and also through the commission coming from all bet place in your shop by your customers.

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Requirements For Becoming A BetKing Agent

In this section, you shall guided on how to successfully register and become an Agent of BetKing in Nigeria, including the requirements, and the benefits attached to it. You certainly do not require too much Capital to become a BetKing agent and it requires no stress to register. BetKing gives you a unique and good training and support team that will guide you in setting up your shop.

There are some fundamental necessities you ought to have, before you can be able to join the agency program. These fundamental necessities are very crucial and necessary for finishing the registration and success of your business.

Below are the requirements for a BetKing Agent:

A Shop Site In A Busy Area:

This is very crucial due to the fact that more people you register the more commissions you get. If the area your shop is situated is very busy, be rest assured that you’ll be getting a lot of costumers.

A Minimum Of Three Laptops:

It is very crucial that a BetKing Agent should have at least three laptops to work, inorder to make you to work faster an easier. Come to think of it when you have up to 20 customers waiting for you to register; if you have only one laptop or even just two, you will not only waste the time of your costumers but also keep them standing for too long. But if you have atleast 3 or 4 laptops, there’s a tendency that work will by easier and done faster.

Your Shop Space Should Be Able To Contain Up To 5 Cashiers:

The space in your shop should be able to accommodate up to 5 cashiers so more people can be registered with ease.

You Should Have Up To Two Thermal Printers:

Inorder to have the ability of printing out bet slips for your clients rapidly, it is very advisable that you have up to two thermal printers in order to do work faster.

Constant Internet Connection:

To be a triumphant agent of BetKing, you must have an internet connection that is steady in order to do a nice job. If you have an internet connection that is not stable, it will lead to bad business.

Steady Power Supply:

It is very crucial that you have a steady power supply, so your business can operate with ease. If it is impossible for you to have a steady power supply, maybe due to your location, ensure that you have a generator which will serve as an aid to you when there is no power supply. Without this, you will not have the ability to satisfy your clients and make good money.

You Should Be The Only BetKing Agent In Your Location:

This implies that there should be no other BetKing Agent close to the place your shop is situated. Doing exactly what you are doing at a close range. if there must another agent in that area, they should not be very close to one another. This is so you can be able to get your own clients without any struggle or combat with another BetKing Agent. It also helps to prevent excessive competition.

How To Apply For BetKing Agent Registration:

Once you have all that is required of a BetKing Agent and you want to move on to BetKing Agent registration, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Log on to BetKing’s official website;
  2. You would see 2 options on websites’ page – to either do an online registration or to become an agent.
  3. Click on ‘Become An Agent’ then you will see the Agent Form.
  4. Make sure you fill the form correctly and submit it online.
  5. You have to be patient, because the application goes through processes.

How To Check Out Your BetKing Application Status:

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To see the stage of your application,

  1. Just log on to
  2. Click ‘Query Application‘,
  3. Then input your Reference Number in the given space.
  4. Click ‘Check Status‘ and you will see the stage of your application immediately.
  5. Once you get approved, your journey of making cool cash through BetKing just started!

Benefits Of Becoming A BetKing Agent

  1. As a BetKing agent, below are the following advantages you stand to get;
  2. BetKing sports betting organization will give you free equipments.
  3. Customer service aid will be offered to you.
  4. All correct score has odds that are equivalent to 10000.
  5. The BetKing agent registration fee is as low as 25,000 naira only.
  6. BetKing gives turnover bonuses on weekly and monthly basis.
  7. There are fierce odds on sports and virtual trading.
  8. Fast payment within a space (2 hours) when you win a bet.
  9. BetKing offers you up to a commission of 30% for every transaction carried out in your shop.
  10. There is a chance for choosing games which are up to 40 in a single ticket.
  11. All games placed online have a multiplier bonus of 225% attached to it.


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Once you’re ready to become a BetKing Agent, make sure you have all the necessary things that are expected of you to make your work easier and faster. When you also want to register, kindly follow the steps on how to apply as a BetKing agent outlined above, once you’re approved then you can start to make cool money.

Take note: If by any means you encounter any challenge in the registration process or you have any questions at all, feel free to express yourself in the comment box below.

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