How to get and activate zenith bank token number

How to get and activate zenith bank token number

How to get and activate zenith bank token number

Zenith bank

Read my post on how to get and activate zenith bank token number.

The Zenith bank token is a little security device that allows bank customers perform a transaction with extra layer of security.

In this post, I am going to be writing about how to get and activate zenith bank token number under the following sub-topics “How to get the zenith bank token”, “How to activate the Zenith bank token”, “Features of the zenith bank token”, “How to use zenith bank token for internet banking” and more.

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Features of the zenith bank token

The below are some of the features and importance of the zenith bank token:

  1. Increase transaction limit: The transaction limit on the mobile app is 100,000 naira daily while on the internet banking platform customer can transfer up to 5,000,000 naira.
  2. Internet banking: With the internet banking platform, it gives customers access to more features unlike using the mobile app.
  3. Extra security: The token provides another layer of security when carrying out transactions.

How to get Zenith bank token number

You can get the zenith bank token by visiting the nearest zenith bank branch. Walk to the customer service section and request for an internet banking application form.

Make sure you provide all the required information and fill everything correctly, and you will be given a token once you have registered for internet banking.

The zenith bank token costs about 3,500 naira.

How to activate the zenith bank token device

Follow the below instructions to activate the zenith bank token device:

  1. Visit the Zenith bank token activation page
  2. Enter your 10-digit zenith bank NUBAN account number and click proceed
  3. AN OTP will be sent to your number or email address registered with the bank
  4. Enter the OTP code sent to you
  5. Bring out the token device from the pack
  6. Turn the device to the back to reveal the zenith bank token number. A token number is a 10-digit number specific to each device. No two token devices can have the same token number.
  7. Enter the token serial number without the dash or space
  8. Input any 4-digit PIN that you can easily remember.

How to use the token for internet banking

  1. Visit the zenith bank internet banking page
  2. Select “Pin and token” from the drop down menu options. The pin and token option is the default
  3. Enter the four digit pin you created in the previous step
  4. Press the white button on the token to reveal the 6-digit token code
  5. Enter the token code generated without leaving any space between 4-digit PIN and the token.
  6. Click on Login


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