Okash Loan App Review (Is Okash loan app legit/real?)

Okash Loan App Review (Is Okash loan app legit/real?)

Okash Loan App Review (Is Okash loan app legit/real?)

Okash loan app review

In this article we will take a comprehensive review on the Okash Loan App, their pros, cons, is it worth considering, what other alternatives you have and a lot more.

Lets get into the Okash loan app review.

What Is Okash Loan App and How Does It Work?

The Okash loan app is a mobile application that allows you to apply for personal or business loans within 24 hours after filing a successful loan application.

It’s set up this way so you can fix, buy, or finish anything you need a loan for in the quickest period possible.

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Why should you use the Okash lending app?

One of the best features of this app is that you may acquire loans without having to fill out any paperwork, which is one of the most time-consuming components of applying for bank loans.

You can simply obtain loans by providing personal information such as your name, address, employment status, email, passport photographs, and so on.

As a result, the application for a loan will be processed as soon as possible. Your credit history will be examined once you submit your loan application to discover if you have any outstanding debts with other financial institutions.

Your loan application will almost probably be declined if you already have debt; but, if the opposite is true, you should have no trouble getting a loan.

You don’t have to rush about or wait for a loan approval in Greece; you can apply for a loan from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere using your mobile device.

The amount Okash loan will offer you is determined by their assessment of a number of variables, including your age, employment, residence, state, and any applicable legal restrictions. It simply takes us a few minutes to fill out their secure online form. Depending on whether you meet their requirements, they can either refuse or execute your loan when they get all of the information they want from you.

Download the Okash Loan App for Android.

Like many other lending applications on the market today, the Okash loan app is not supported by iOS.

You may, however, download the Okash loan app for Android users from the Google Play store on any smartphone. All you have to do now is search for the app and start the free download.

Those who do not have access to an Android phone can visit the official website at https://ng.o-kash.com/web/homeEn.html to receive loans.

The website is simple to use, and you can apply for loans just as quickly as people who use the Android app.

How Can I Get the Okash Loan?

Obtaining loans through the Okash loan app is quite easy, as it will take you only a few minutes to complete the loan application process from start to finish.

Before you can apply for any sort of loan, however, you are required to meet the set-out requirements by the platform.

Failure to meet these requirements will surely lead to your inability to obtain your desired loans.

The requirements:

  • Valid bank details (Account number, Name)
  • Valid ID card
  • BVN number
  • Android Phone
  • Age range of 20-55 years old
  • Complete Okash application

Repayment of the Okash Loan

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Because the site has a connection with the Blue Ride Microfinance Bank, you have two choices for repaying your loans, as previously indicated.

You have the option of paying via the app or in person at the bank. You may pay by bank transfer by sending your payment to the following address:

Zenith Bank plc is the name of the account, and the account number is 1130085518.

You must provide evidence of payment to repayment.proof.ng@o-kash.com after making payments at the bank in order for your payment to be validated and your loan status to be updated.

What is the duration of Okash’s loan and Okash interest rate?

Okash pays up to N200,000 to Opay agents and starts at 5,000 to 10,000 for non-Opay agents, however 10k is not the maximum you may receive from Okash as long as you stay creditworthy. In comparison to 60% of other loan applications I’ve tested, their interest rate is a little more appealing.

As long as you are loyal in repaying your loan, the available loan offer and duration will rise, however based on my experience, they first offered me a maximum of N10,000 loan with an interest rate of 18% to be repaid in 15 days.

How long does it take Okash to complete a loan?

You should be able to get the loans within 24 hours after submitting a successful loan application in which you satisfy all of the conditions and have no history of credit default.

Borrowers often receive loans within 5 minutes of submitting an application, however there are instances when the verification procedure takes longer than usual, with a maximum of 24 hours.

Okash Contact/customer support

If you have any queries or concerns with the Okash loan app or services, you can reach out to them via email at support@o-kash.com.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Back Your Debts?

This is one of the primary reasons why borrowers must have a repayment strategy in place before taking out a loan.

This is because most borrowers would come to regret borrowing in the first place if they are unable to service their debt.

Because the Okash lending app has access to your contacts, unflattering notifications about your inability to repay loans will be published to the majority of your connections, and the firm may end up suing such borrowers for even greater damages, among other things.

Okash Loan App Summary

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Okash is clearly a viable alternative to traditional lending. The nicest part about this sort of loan is how quickly it is delivered to the borrowers.

The Okash loan app is one of the simplest methods to get soft loans in Nigeria without having to go through the lengthy, time-consuming processes that borrowers are typically subjected to at regular banks.

Without a doubt, the Okash app is one of Nigeria’s leading fintech firms.

Their long-term expertise in the industry contributes to their reliability as a reliable source for quick loans to meet your personal and commercial financial demands.


Thank you for reading my Okash loan app review. I hope I have helped you on this particular topic. If you still have questions or maybe you want to add something, the comments section is open to use.

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