Abeg app review (All you need to know about the Abeg app)

Abeg app review (All you need to know about the Abeg app)

Abeg app review (All you need to know about the Abeg app)

Abeg app

I’m sure you’ve heard of Abeg, a social payment app. And if you haven’t heard of it yet, stick with me through this post, as I will be walking you through what the Abeg app is, how to use it, and most importantly, the features.

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What is Abeg app?

Abeg, one of the numerous Nigeria’s fintech apps recently launched in 2019 by Abeg technologies, whose co-founders are Dare Adekoya, Michael Okoh, and Muheez Akanni.

The app is similar to Cash app in features with a user-friendly, simple, and clean interface, you can request money, send money to friends and families, you will also have a tag know as (abegtag) which can you use to interact with you on the social payment app.

Despite the fact that it was launched recently, it’s already gathered a lot of traction among many Nigerians and on social media platforms.

How to install and signup on the Abeg app

Step 1: Get started by heading over to Google play store or IOS app store to download the Abeg app and install it

Step 2: Click the app open and tap on the “Create an account” button.

Step 3: A new screen will be prompted, on this screen, you will be required to enter your full name, your mobile phone number, a valid email address, and a hard-to-guess password you will be using to sign in to your Abeg account.

Step 4: Now you’ve created an account, but before you can get full access to all the Abeg app features, it is mandatory for you to verify your BVN details to prove your legitness, you can either choose to verify through BVN or through your bank account.

Abeg app most noticeable features

The two major most noticeable features of the Abeg app are sending and requesting money, but I must say, it has quite a lot of other amazing features too which are barely mentioned.

Below are the available and upcoming (still in development) features you can expect to see on the app:

Request money: I really like this feature myself, If you want to receive payment from families, friends and even salary from the company you’re working in, instead of you to start copying and pasting your bank details (the old fashioned way), you can simply just collect their Abegtag and request money from them.

Send money: This feature is obvious already, you can send money to anyone in Nigeria, even if there is a long distance between you and who you want to send money to.

Giveaways: On the Abeg app, after creating your profile, you can join a giveaway coordinated by other Abeg app users so you can get a chance of winning.

Social media-like timeline: Similar to Twitter, the Abeg app also have a timeline or let’s say, news feed where you can see post of other Abeg app users you have followed.

Loan: Everybody is in need of urgent/emergency money nowadays that sometimes, the only available option is to borrow a loan. So, instead of you borrowing a loan from the likes of (LAPO) and others, you can just open up your Abeg app and request for a loan within a few minutes.

AJO: AJO (SAVINGS) is an upcoming feature in the Abeg app, with this, you can start saving up your money bits by bits for am upcoming needs or wants. It may be a daily, weekly, or monthly savings

The Abeg technologies four benefits

Reliability and consistency: Abeg technologies are trustworthy and dependable; they believe in establishing and maintaining good relationships, and also recognize that consistency is the foundation of trust. They are here to stay for a long term, your money is safe on their system.

Creativity and innovations: They like to constantly question the status quo by coming up with new and more effective methods to do things, more features they can include to improve the Abeg app, and how they can allow people to transact on their system without charging any fees.

Transparency: Abeg technologies are genuine, transparent, and honest, and also work hard to effectively express their services to both consumers and their employees.

Commitment: Abeg team is committed to their customers and to completing the task at hand. Its workforce is dedicated to the company’s success, as well as its mission and vision statements and to one another.

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How to send money with the Abeg app

  1. Open up the Abeg app, check the bottom icon and click the icon in the middle
  2. Now enter how much you want to send and enter the reason you want to send the money or what the money is for, for example (Money for food, School fees payment E.T.C)
  3. Then click on send and enter the Abeg tag of who you want to send money to

That’s it, follow the above three easy steps and you are done!

Abeg app customer support centers

Email address – hello@abeg.app

Instagram account – https://instagram.com/abeg.app

Twitter account – https://twitter.com/abeg_app


What is Abeg in summary?

Abeg makes sending and receiving money simple, secure, and quick. It’s a fun interactive software for daily transactions and payments that young people should utilize.

Why can’t I request money from people using their Abeg tag?

Please note that you can only request money from people on your contact list or you are following them on the Abeg app.

Is the Abeg app available for use in other countries?

No, currently, the Abeg app can only be used in Nigeria.

Is there a transaction limit when sending or receiving money?

The maximum amount of money you can transfer or send out at once is N1,000,000.

How can you become verified on the Abeg app?

Before you can become verified, you will need to have done a giveaway of N250,000.

How you can send money anonymously?

If you want to send money anonymously to someone, just long-press the send button.

What if you forgot your password or Abeg authorization pin?

Just contact their customer support email or official social media profile to get help.

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Hope you’ve known a bit about Abeg app technologies and their legitness now, if you still have more questions that you need answers to, kindly use the comment section below to write your thoughts down and you will be given appropriate feedback.

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  1. Pls am new how do I get a loan from abeg in order to do business and be saving in abeg app

  2. Is it possible to edit all your information including your Bvn, after you have completed your registration.

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