Pitbull (PIT) to naira (How much is Pitbull coin in naira?)

Pitbull (PIT) to naira (How much is Pitbull coin in naira?)

Pitbull (PIT) to naira (How much is Pitbull coin in naira?)

pitbull to naira

Read all about Pitbull coin price in naira.

What is Pitbull token?

The pitbull token is a community driven project that is rug proof. It is a completely community driven project with the anonymous developer relinquishing ownership and burnt LP from the beginning of its creation.

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1 PIT to naira = 0.0000 naira


1 million PIT to naira

1000 PIT to naira

100000PIT to naira

2 million PIT to naira

5000 PIT to naira

500000 PIT to naira

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How to buy Pitbull token

If you want to buy the Pitbull token, follow the below instructions:

  1. You will need to create a wallet.
  2. Go to the metamask website and download the browser plugin
  3. Create an account and make sure you save your seed phrase, incase you lose your password.
  4. Add the correct chain network (the binance smart chain).
  5. Type in the network name as Binance smart chain, New RPC URL as https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/, chain ID as 56, currency symbol as BNB and block explorer URL as http://bscscan.com
  6. Create a binance account and buy BNB.
  7. Transfer the BNB to your wallet.
  8. Once you have BNB in your wallet, you can simply buy pitbull coin from pancakeswap. (If you have problems, make sure you adjust the slippage tolerance).


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