WhoGoHost review (Is WhoGoHost legit/reliable?)

WhoGoHost review (Is WhoGoHost legit/reliable?)

WhoGoHost review (Is WhoGoHost legit/reliable?)

Whogohost review

Read all about Whogohost in this Whogohost review.

When you begin an online business, one of the seemingly easy decision to make is to decide on which hosting company to use. There are so many website hosting service providers out there, some of them are decent, some are top notch while some are just a waste of money.

The hosting provider you choose for your website is very important, as a poor hosting with lots of downtimes can mean loss in customers, hence loss in revenue.

There are different types of hosting available, shared hosting, wordpress hosting and cloud hosting are the most common types of hosting. The shared hosting is the most common type and it is the cheapest type of hosting you can get.

If you are just starting out, then shared hosting is the best for you. There is no point in getting a VPS hosting if you are not getting the traffic that requires such hosting, the advantage is that you can always upgrade hosting at any time.

Whogohost is a Nigerian web hosting & domain name registrar company that was founded by Opeyemi Awoyemi in 2007. It is Nigerian’s number 1 web hosting company and has won several recognition awards over the years.

Whogohost offers different types of hosting, from shared hosting to wordpress hosting to VPS hosting, you can also register domains and build a website with their site builder.

Lots of people have been searching the internet for information on Whogohost and want to know if it is a suitable host for their online business.

In this Whogohost review, I am going to be writing about all you will need to know about Whogohost under the following sub-topics “Is Whogohost legit?”, “Is Whogohost reliable?”, “Whogohost web hosting shared hosting”, “Whogohost wordpress hosting”, “Whogohost cloud hosting”, “Whogohost referral program”, “Whogohost customer support” and more.

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Let’s get into it then…

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What is Whogohost?

WhoGoHost was founded in 2007 by Opeyemi Awoyemi, then a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, to serve clients of his web design firm ennovateNIGERIA who also needed hosting for their websites. WhoGoHost was then simply a reseller that provided hosting services to customers, allowing them to pay in local currency.

In 2010, Toba Obaniyi joined him as a partner to help grow the vision. WhoGoHost got incorporated in 2011 and the growth truly began. In 2012, Toba Obaniyi took over as the CEO of the company, building the company, with the help of a dedicated and talented team, to the size it is today.

WhoGoHost is currently the largest web hosting company in Nigeria and the West African region. The company started as a web hosting firm but has grown to offer a lot of other products and services to help her customers grow and succeed online. Focused on delivering top-notch support and the best offerings, WhoGoHost continues to evolve and introduce new ways to engage her customers and support their businesses.

WhoGoHost has received several awards over the years and is recognised as the top choice for businesses that need to get online.

WhoGoHost is an accredited NiRA (dotNG) registrar and also a Google G Suite accredited resellers.

Whogohost website hosting

Whogohost shared hosting

When you choose any of their annual plans, you save 20% and get a free (.com.ng, .org.ng or .name.ng) domain free for life! That is not all! You also get a free SSL certificate with any of the plans you choose.

Whogohost review

  1. ASPIRE – 500 naira monthly
  2. PREMIUM – 700 naira monthly
  3. PRO – 950 naira monthly
  4. DELUXE – 2,100 naira monthly
  5. SUPREME – 2,500 naira monthly

The plan you choose will depend on the size of your website and how much traffic you are expecting to get.

WhoGohost shared hosting & wordpress hosting packages come with a number of standard features such as:

Domain registration, DNS zone editor, unlimited emails, web-based file manager, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, SMS & email notifications, CGI, RUBY, Perl extensions, Cron jobs.

Whogohost wordpress hosting

WordPress hosting is the best option for wordpress website. WordPress hosting plans are powered by SSD drives & ngnix, which will give your wordpress site an extra boost in speed.

  1. WP BEGINNER – 1,600 naira monthly
  2. WP STANDARD – 2,500 naira monthly
  3. WP STANDARD PLUS – 4,000 naira monthly

All plans come with the following features: WordPress preinstalled, powered by nginx, hosted by AWS, free domain with annual plan, unlimited MySQL databases, free hosting transfer, 2X faster than shared hosting, cpanel access and 24/7 support.

Whogohost cloud hosting

With Whogohost fully managed cloud hosting offering, you have full control over your cloud instance. You can also easily choose from a list of hosting images and save time in setting up your server.

  1. CH LEVEL 1 – 3,000 naira monthly
  2. CH LEVEL 2 – 6,000 naira monthly
  3. CH LEVEL 3 – 9,000 naira monthly
  4. CH LEVEL 4 – 12,000 naira monthly
  5. CH LEVEL 5 – 23,000 naira monthly

Whogohost referral program

If a client you recommend pays for any of Whogohost product/service, you get as much as 15% of the amount paid.

All you need to do is recommend their services to a friend or colleague either through your unique affiliate link or with word-of-mouth.

Once the client makes payment for a product/service, you are credited with as much as 15% of the amount paid. It is that simple! You may also keep track of your progress and you can withdraw request for a withdrawal once you have a minimum balance of N3000.00.

Whogohost payment options

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The following are the payment options available on WhoGoHost:


You may make payment with your Visa, MasterCard and Verve cards debit cards using the QuickTeller payment option.


You may make payment with your debit cards, bank transfer, online banking and USSD using the PayStack payment option.


You may make payment with your debit cards, online banking, USSD, QR code and MPesa using the Rave payment option.


You may make payment with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and EnRoute credit cards using the PayPal payment option.

GTbank 737

Do you bank with GTB? If yes, make payment for your invoice using our new GTB *737 code. Simply dial *737*33*49*Invoicenumber#

Whogohost customer support

A good hosting needs a very good customer support that is very fast to reply and also quick to attend to customer troubles and requests.

Speaking from experience, Whogohost customer support is pretty good and they are very fast to reply and also are quick to attend to your complaints.

If you want to contact Whogohost customer care, you can do that via the following channels:

Phone number: 070022332233

Email: support@whogohost.com

Is Whogohost legit?

Yes, whogohost is very much legit. They are the number 1 web hosting service in Nigeria and they have lots of top customers ranging from banks, schools to top technology companies. The point is lots of people trust WhoGoHost, and they have been in business for years, so they are definitely legit.

WhoGoHost has received several awards over the years and is recognised as the top choice for businesses that need to get online.

WhoGoHost is an accredited NiRA (dotNG) registrar and also a Google G Suite accredited resellers.

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Is Whogohost reliable?

Now, here it’s where it gets tricky. I have personally used Whogohost to host a few of my websites and the truth is, I was not satisfied by their performance.

My blog had a lot of downtimes, this made me lose lots of customers, as well as revenue. Anytime I contacted their customer support about the issue, they were quick to come to my rescue and fix the issue, but it was only temporary.

It must be NOTED that I was using the lower shared hosting plan, which according to some people is the reason I was getting lots of downtime messages from Jetpack. According to them, Whogohost higher plans are more stable and get very little downtimes.

However, I have also used the lowest shared hosting plan on Namecheap.com, which is a Nigerian shared hosting company, and I must say that I didn’t get nearly as much downtimes as I did with Whogohost.

In my Opinion, if your website doesn’t get much traffic, you can purchase the Whogohost host lower shared hosting plans, but if your site will get a lot of traffic, then I suggest you purchase a higher plan.

NOTE: I’m not trying to tarnish the image of WhoGoHost, but I’m just trying to share my experience with using this web hosting company.


Thank you for reading my Whogohost review. If you have any question or comment, you can leave it below in the comment section below.

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Thank you once again.

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