How to apply for Opay POS machine in Nigeria

How to apply for Opay POS machine in Nigeria

How to apply for Opay POS machine in Nigeria

Opay pos

Read all about How to apply for Opay POS machine in Nigeria.

Opay is an online mobile transaction in Nigeria owned by Opera software, the owners of the Opera mini and web browser.

Opay was created to make sending and receiving payments as simple as possible. The app is already operational in Kenya & south Africa.

In this post, I am going to be writing about how to apply for an Opay POS machine and also every other important information you will need to know.

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How do I to apply for Opay POS machine?

The following are the steps you need to take to apply for an Opay POS machine:

  1. From your smartphone, go to your app store (Either iPhone or android)
  2. Search for the Opay app
  3. Install the app and agree on all the terms.
  4. Login to the app
  5. Choose the MORE button and click on the MY POS icon.
  6. Enter all the necessary information as required.
  7. Upload your transaction history for the past 3 months
  8. Upload a Valid ID card (Passport, National ID or driver’s license)
  9. Upload a screenshot of the place where you will be conducting your operations from.
  10. Once you finish your application, it will be reviewed, and if it is approved, your POS machine will be made available in 24 hours.

How much is Opay POS?

Opay POS is FREE. You will have to retain at least 20,000 naira in your Opay wallet, this is called a CAUTION FEE.

Once your POS request is approved, the caution fee is taken from your wallet. The 20,000 will be refunded only when the agent returns the POS terminal.

How long does it take for the POS machine to be ready?

It usually takes up to 24 hours, then you can go to the nearest Opay center to get your POS machine.

How do I qualify to apply for Opay POS?

There are some requirements that you will need to fulfill before you can apply for the Opay POS machine, they are:

  1. You will need to have completed transactions of at least 1 million within four weeks of using the Opay app.
  2. You must be familiar with carrying out transactions on the platform and understand the interface of the Opay app.

What is the Opay POS support?

If you have any issues and you want to talk to someone on the Opay team, you can contact them at

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13 thoughts on “How to apply for Opay POS machine in Nigeria

  1. How much will be left in my account for me to be able to collect d Opay POS Machine

  2. How will I get the pos machine and how much should I have in my account before I can get it

  3. If I didn’t transact up to 1 million naira in my account details will i not be able to have access to collect opay p.o.s machine ?

    1. Does it mean that if I have not made transaction of up to N1m I am not qualified for the POS machine. Plz let me know because I already have opay card and also need the pos

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