How to create UAE Paypal account in Nigeria

How to create UAE Paypal account in Nigeria

How to create UAE Paypal account in Nigeria

Read all about how to create a UAE Paypal account in Nigeria for sending and receiving money.

As a Nigerian, there are many restrictions that has been placed on accounts we open on Paypal. Usually you can create an account, but you will be unable to receive payments on the account.

Overtime, Nigerians have found different ways around these restrictions, and have been able to receive and send payment via paypal using different means. One of such means is to use a UAE paypal account.

In this blogpost, I am going to be writing about all you need to know about how to create a UAE paypal account in Nigeria, linking your debit card to your UAE paypal account and how to withdraw from UAE paypal account.

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How to create and verify a UAE paypal account in Nigeria

UAE paypal

When creating a UAE Paypal account, you do not require a VPN, and you can do so by following the below steps:

  1. Open your web browser and visit the link
  2. After you have landed on the homepage of Paypal, navigate to the sign up button and click on it.
  3. Choose business account and hit the continue button.
  4. Switch from your current country of location i.e. Nigeria to UAE.
  5. You will then need to provide your email address. (the email address you will provide must not have been used with another Paypal account).
  6. Input your information in the appropriate fields.
  7. Input your phone number and ensure that the country code has been changed from that of Nigeria, and also don’t add the first zero when inputting your Nigerian number.
  8. Input your postal code e.g. 110001
  9. For the field titled additional information, type ABU HAIL, and for city type ABU
  10. When providing the information about your business, simply select Individual/sole proprietorship, and for the categories under business, choose any category that is related to your current business or the business that you have proposed and click CONTINUE.
  11. Input your actual date of birth in the required field.
  12. The next page requires you to provide a formal means of identification. You can pick from passport, National ID and drivers’ license. If you don’t have any of them, it is recommended that you obtain a pseudo ID from Google, before you can proceed.
  13. Input your date of birth in the required field.
  14. After doing the above correctly, you will have succeeded in creating a UAE paypal account.
  15. You will then have to verify the account by clicking on the link sent into the inbox.


That’s basically it on creating a UAE Paypal account in Nigeria. The next heading will show you how to link a debit card to your UAE Paypal account.

How to Link your debit cards to your UAE Paypal account

To make transactions from your account, you will have to connect your naira or dollar debit card to the newly created UAE PayPal account. To do that follow the below steps:

  1. Sign in to your UAE Paypal account. (For you to be able to link your naira/dollar debit card to the UAE PayPal account, you should have a minimum of $2 in your domiciliary account or 800 naira in your naira account.
  2. Flick the pointer to the right hand side of your dashboard and let it suspend on the spanner like icon.
  3. Click account setting or confirm account, depending on what shows up.
  4. Doing the above will prompt a drop down menu from which you should select the option (money, banks and cards).
  6. Input the 16-digit number on the card
  7. Specify the card type in the required field.
  8. Input the card expiry date
  9. Input your CVV number, which is the three-digit number at the back of the card.
  10. Enter your billing address.
  11. Click the LINK CARD button to complete the card linking process.

Paypal will deduct 381 naira from the card you are linking.

How to withdraw money from a UAE PayPal account

This is possible by adding bank account number and routing number given to you by Payoneer.

  1. Visit to create an account, you will be given a US payment service information, such as bank name, routing number, account number and account type.
  2. Drag the pointer to the right hand of your homepage or dashboard and hover it on the “spanner” icon, then tap on Account Setting or on Confirm your account as it may appear.
  3. From the drop-down menu, click on money, banks and cards, then choose Link a bank
  4. Scroll down and click on Link a U.S Bank Instead
  5. Select Checking as your account type.
  6. Enter the Bank details that you had received from Payoneer US Payment Service, like Account number and Routing number. (You can also get this info by login to your Payoneer account, from the home page, click ‘Global Payment Service ‘. You will see the needed detail there).
  7. Then click on the ‘Link your Bank‘ button. This may take 2-3 business days to get processed.


Once you are able to do this correctly, your Payoneer account becomes linked and verified with UAE PayPal! You will need to wait for a while before PayPal will charge Payoneer a little confirmation fee, this is usually done twice, unlike the card method.


Once your account has been charged successfully, you will be able to transfer the money paid into your PayPal to the US bank, which you added and you can withdraw it in your local bank or through ATM with the Payoneer Card issued to you.


Thank you for reading my post on How to open a UAE Paypal account in Nigeria. If you have any comment or question, you can leave it below in the comment section.

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  1. I did everything above but I was told my account has been permanently limited and won’t be able to use paypal again in the future.

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