review: Racksterli is back as review: Racksterli is back as review: Racksterli is back as

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For those who have been following my updates on racksterli, you would know that racksterli has been refunding its members their capital after failing to meet up with payment of their ROI.

After undergoing several technical issues that forced them to change domain names twice ( and, racksterli is now back again with the new domain name

In this review, I am going to be writing about all you will need to know about the new racksterli and all the available information.

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What is Racksterli?

Racksterli is a Nigerian online earning platform that pays its members for doing activities like sharing sponsored posts to social media and referring new members to the system.

Racksterli is different from Racksterly, the latter which crashed due to issues with their payment gateway.

To make money on Racksterli, all you need is an internet enabled device, and you can be earning passive income from the comfort of your home.

Update on racksterli

After undergoing some technical issues, racksterli was forced to change its domain name to and then again to

Racksterli could not meet up with payment of its members, as it had more outflow than inflow of cash. According to the CEO Michael Oti Chidiebere (BlackGold), racksterli will refund all its members their capital, since it cannot meet up with payment.

As at the time of writing this post, racksterli has started refunding its members, and it has promised to refund all of its members.

Racksterli now seems to be starting afresh by floating the subdomain name, and has promised faster payments to its users.

It seems like is a completely new platform, as it will not contain the information of previously registered members.

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$1.9 daily viral share

$57 monthly

$3 per referral



$3.9 daily viral share

$117 monthly

$8 per referral



$7.8 daily viral share

$234 monthly

$10.53 per referral



$15.6 daily viral share

$468 monthly

$11.85 per referral



$39 daily viral share

$1,170 monthly

$13.16 per referral



$74.42 daily viral share

$2,232.6 monthly

$15.7 per referral



$148.25 daily viral share

$4,447.7 monthly

$18.4 per referral



$366.25 daily viral share

$10,993.5 monthly

$22.3 per referral



$647.36 daily viral share

$19,420.8 monthly

$27.5 per referral



$1,300 daily viral share

$39,000 monthly

$35 per referral



$2,571.9 daily viral share

$77,167 monthly

$40 per referral

How to register on

To sign up on, you will need to get a coupon code from any of the vendors on the racksterli website

  1. Visit the racksterli register page
  2. Input all the details required like “referral id”, “username”, “first name”, “last name”, “password”, “account details” and more.
  3. Click on create a new account, and you can then begin sharing sponsored post and making money on login

To login to racksterli, you will need the below

  1. Email address
  2. Password

Racksterli customer support

If you want to get in touch with racksterli, you can do that via the following channels:

Email address:

Skype: racksterli

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How to share post on

Sharing a post on Racksterli is almost the same way you share a post you like to your Facebook account. Login to your account, right below your dashboard you’ll l see the sponsored post for that particular day, click on the share button beside it, once the Facebook icon pops up, click on it then share to your Facebook public page That’s all.

Go back to your racksterli page and refresh and your activity earning will increase based on the package you are on.


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18 thoughts on “ review: Racksterli is back as

  1. Good evening sir I will like to call your attention to some problem am having with my referral they are yet to receive there refund bamidele 25
    Please sir I will like you to look into it so I can countiue to introduce more to this wonderful platform thanks

  2. Good day pls am among d just crashed subscribers u r owing 56000 and i hav e not been paid back my capital. Pls treat ASAP

  3. Please sir, jimmy1161 my cash out button just turned green yesterday made the withdrawal as you have said, but since then the site has been blank (white) and I haven’t received any funds. Please do something about it so that we can be part of this new moving platform and give testimony to encourage others in investing. Thanks in anticipation

  4. Please am yet to receive my own money help us so we can still be a part of the new racksterli family

    1. My money u collected b4 has not return and u want us to participate in the new platform, guy e go over u one day

  5. Pls wen will my #55.000 get to me so I can continue with the new site

  6. Thank you Sir for the information, I made my cashout on the 6th of April, though it was supposed to be on 1st of April but due to the upgrade, it was adjusted to 6th but e bet since then, I have not gotten any money.

  7. Hello sir, please my capital has not been paid.
    Username: Jelili2018
    Nextwidrawal: March 18
    Registered: 10 February
    Please I will be waiting for u quick respond. Thanks

  8. Hmmmm so far so good this platform is like no other.I ll everly continue to invest to rack bekos this platform has made me count genuine money n am proud of this platform

  9. Hello sir, plz I haven’t been paid in d old racksterli like u put it, I don’t mind being refunded my capital so that I could invest in d new one….country hard oo sir

  10. Hello
    I made my cash on the 19th of April and yet to get my money. Please help do something about it.

  11. I have made payment for double coupons code since 3rd June 2021 but not received any code since then

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