La Buena Vida review (Is La Buena Vida legit or scam?)

La Buena Vida review (Is La Buena Vida legit or scam?)

La Buena Vida review (Is La Buena Vida legit or scam?)

La buena vida

Read all about La Buena Vida in this La Buena Vida review.

Are you considering investing in La Buena Vida Nigeria? Maybe you’ve seen their advert somewhere, or a friend is convincing you to join. But you really want to know if the La Buena Vida project is worth investing in

La Buena Vida has been gaining popularity recently with their all white events and entourage of white cars. They promise financial freedom, luxury and a good time, basically.

In this La Buena Vida review, I am going to be writing about all you will need to know about La Buena Vida under the following sub topics “What is La Buena Vida?”, “Is La Buena Vida legit?”, “Is La Buena Vida scam?”, “How to register on La Buena Vida”, “La Buena Vida products”, “CEO of La Buena Vida”, “La Buena Vida compensation plans” and more.

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What is La Buena Vida?

About la buena vida

La Buena Vida (LBV) means the good life. It is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that launched in Nigeria in 2016. It’s the love child of the “Own Your Life” campaign by Century 21 Freedom Group (C21FG) and Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global. These are older MLM schemes in Nigeria that have the habit of re-branding every few years to remain profitable.

The company claims to be the first national cashflow, lifestyle, & housing platform in Nigeria with global partners in the health, construction, beauty, and lifestyle sectors. They also claim to have over 300k members nationwide and over 10 corporate partners.

Through the La Buena Vida project, the company has a vision to help its members and partners live the good life by raising 50,000 millionaires in the connected economy.

The La Buena Vida project primarily focuses on human and capital resource development with a business model built on network marketing, popularly known as multi-level marketing (MLM).

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

MLM is a direct sales strategy used to recruit new distributors by providing a percentage of recruits’ sales to the distributor who recruited them. The terms “upline” and “downline” are used to represent recruiters and recruits respectively. Simply put, every time a downline makes a sale, the upline profits as well.

MLM schemes differ from pyramid or Ponzi schemes in that, they sell actual products. Ponzi schemes’ cashflow is entirely from downline buy-ins. MLM schemes make money from new recruits as well as selling products.

Mary Kay is an MLM scheme that has been around since the 1930s and is still running till this day. However, MLM schemes lose legitimacy when they focus more on recruitment and recruitment incentives than on selling products. It becomes unsustainable when the business is funded by downlines and not product sales.

The fact is, with any pyramid or MLM scheme like LBV, there is less money in the system than is promised. A business that is funded by referrals will crash when referrals aren’t enough anymore. It happened with Tradera and the parents of LBV.

The La Buena Vida compensation plan

The promise and appeal of LBV are a bunch of imaginary maximums. The message of LBV is glittery and vague. “Achieve financial freedom.” “Earn millions in a connected economy.” “Buy your dream car.” “Travel the world in luxury and style.”

Meetings are a huge part of LBV culture. When someone refers you to join, you can either attend a zoom meeting or an in-person meeting. This usually starts with someone high up giving their grass-to-grace story. They explain how bad things were before, how broke and unfulfilled they were. And how LBV changed their lives. You will be encouraged to pursue the same happy ending.

The LBV promise is that with a buy in of between ₦44,888 and ₦673,320 you can earn between ₦168,000 and ₦2.52m daily. These are the imaginary maximums.

The LBV reality is that less than 300 out of 150,000 members earn ₦1,000,000 and above a month. Around 20,000 people earn ₦200,000 and above monthly. How much are the the remaining 129,700 people making? It seems LBV doesn’t like to brag about ~86% of their members. By the way, this information is available online and is promoted to prospects by LBV themselves. The difference is, they frame it in a way that almost makes you believe that you can be a millionaire in a month by selling soap, toothpaste and referring friends.

Not only that, but you need to renew your buy-in monthly if you want to continue making money from downlines. MLM schemes make the distributors the customers instead of actual customers.

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La Buena Vida Products

When you buy-in on LBV, you are given a range of products including toothpaste, feminine and masculine wash, coffee, tea, food supplements and an Ener-chi pendant. Apparently, selling these as a side hustle could make you a millionaire in months. Sign me up!

The Ener-chi pendant is particularly interesting because it is supposed to block radiation and promote wellbeing. Apparently, pendants like this actually work, I haven’t seen any indication that this one works because all reviews were posted by affiliates that were selling the product.

LBV wants us to believe that majority of the money generated to buy white cars, fly abroad and host all white events is gotten from selling overpriced toothpaste. For a company that loves the color white, they do not pride themselves on honesty.

How to register on La Buena Vida

Interested persons can visit their office at Bahamas plaza in Gudu, Abuja, Nigeria. You could also join through their partners and associates who will be responsible for mentoring and nurturing you throughout the program.

Before joining you have to make sure you know what you can get from the program, considering your present capabilities. You will be doing a lot of marketing and recruiting new members, without which it would be difficult to earn on La Buena vida.

La Buena Vida Registration Packages

You and anyone you invite to La Buena Vida would have to register on the program via any of the requisite packages. The higher the package you purchase, the higher the opportunity and compensation La Buena Vida would give to you.

Here are the La Buena Vida Packages and their prices:

Starter Package –  ₦44,888

Entrepreneur Package – ₦134,664

International Package – ₦314,216

Is La Buena Vida legit or scam?

If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. La Buena Vida promises a lot, but at the end of the day, most of it is just exactly that “A promise”.

La Buena Vida is basically just an MLM scheme, which means that unlike a ponzi scheme, it could stand for years, but the promise of cars and houses might just be a pipe dream for those on La Buena Vida.

This is not to say one cannot be successful on La Buena Vida, it’s just that it is not as easy as the people trying to convince you to join will paint it. It requires a lot of work to sell products and invite other people, something that lots of people are not willing to do.

In summary, La Buena Vida is not really a scam, but it might not be one of the best ways to become rich. It might work for some people (especially those at the top of the food chain), but leave some others with their hands on their heads.

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