Has racksterli crashed? (Is racksterli still paying?)

Has racksterli crashed? (Is racksterli still paying?)

Has racksterli crashed? (Is racksterli still paying?)

What is the current status of racksterli? Has racksterli crashed?

In the last few weeks, racksterli has been facing some serious issues.

THE CEO of racksterli “Michael Oti Chidiebere” popularly known as “Blackgold” assured members that they were working hard to resolve the issue and that everything will return back to normal.

At first, racksterli changed its domain name to https://ocmgold.com before finally moving to https://goldomc.com.

This seemed to solved whatever technical issues they were having, and they returned back to normal (or so it seemed).

In this post I named “Has racksterli crashed?”,  I am going to be writing about all you need to know about the current status of racksterli and the way forward.

Let’s get into it then…

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Has racksterli crashed?

According to the CEO “Blackgold” in a live video on instagram, racksterli is not crashing, but they are only taking two steps backwards to go four steps forward (those were his exact words).


In the video, he revealed that new registration has been halted and for now they are not paying investors their earnings.

He also stated that investors will be refunded their investment.

What exactly is going on with racksterli?

Michael oti chidiebere
Michael oti chidiebere

According to the CEO, the rate at which users were registering on the platform reduced drastically, as a result of the issues they earlier had.

Also, a lot of users were taking their money out without resubscribing. This automatically meant that the inflow of money was lower than the outflow.

As a result of this, racksterli will not be able to pay members as usual, hence they have refund investors and clear all their back log of payments first.

Will racksterli be back?


There is no guarantee that racksterli will be back, and even if it comes back, it won’t be like it was before.

This is because, investors are now losing trust on the platform and also new users are no longer registering.

As a result of this, the inflow will always be less than the outflow, thereby making racksterli unable to fulfil withdrawal requests.

What is the way forward on racksterli?

Racksterli was always going to crash at some point, any person who has been involved in schemes like this before, knows it was never going to last.

Compared to other income programs, racksterli actually did pretty well, but it inevitably was always going to crash.

Even if they do come back as promised, it will never be the same.

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As an investor, it’s time to cut your losses and move on. If they actually refund your investment, then it’s even better, as you won’t lose any money.


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22 thoughts on “Has racksterli crashed? (Is racksterli still paying?)

  1. Racksteril please I need my money back …please
    This is the first time I did this….please refund my money..I’m dying ..please..

    1. Pls sir, it has reached three months now for me to cash out,pls if you can pay back the interest pls pay back the capital. I need my money urgently

  2. Racksterli pls refund my money back….this is the first time I did this ….. please I really need my money,since 26th march

  3. This is serious! The problem I’m having now is that I registered a friend last week and this is the first time he invest in the platform now I don’t even know how to break the news to him

  4. Na wa ooo n I almost invested thank God I didn’t…..now I know no online money stuff is real…. everyone gats to be care full…..dis life Sha…..if they do come back pls pay up those dat av invested b4

  5. Blackgold or whatever he call himself has also been founble making mouth, in most of is speech he keeps saying if nobody invest that he has the Capital to pay all. At the long run everything na Capital SCAM…
    If you don’t fullfil your Promise by refunding the initial Money, God go shame you Big time.

  6. Dis is my first time to do dis, am heavily pregnent nd due for delivery.i used little money i have to invest so dt i will use it to buy baby tins but now am stucked.pls sir refund d money cos dat my last hope.thanks

  7. If you don’t want us to come together and place curse on your entire generation please refund our money….I’m highly disappointed

  8. Please you guys should return my money,this is my first time to invest in the platform

  9. this is my first to do this kind of thing and the way it turned out is making me feel bad. I borrowed to do this. I don’t need the interest any more, my capital is all I need. thank you
    if you scam your fellow Nigeria you’re same with the highway robbers.

  10. The problem with some unscrupulous businesses from Igboland is that they always end up modernizing money ritual venture in different ways as you can see . He thinks he’s smart by scamming people’s hardest earned money.

  11. MRacksterli has promised that they will refund our capital. But I don’t know if they will actually refund our capital. We will keep all hope alive. Thanks for this post.

  12. Pls sir, it has reached three months now for me to cash out,pls if you can pay back the interest pls pay back the capital. I need my money urgently

  13. ?????????? I wish I could laff more than this ???? greediness is not good point well , wanting to become a millionaire in a few months

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