(login, withdrawal, sign up, sponsored post, profile and more) (login, withdrawal, sign up, sponsored post, profile and more) (login, withdrawal, sign up, sponsored post, profile and more)

Read all about, racksterli new domain name.

In the past few days, racksterli has been having some issues with traffic and a lot of other technical issues. Members of the platform have been becoming impatient with the platform.

The CEO of racksterli Michael Oti Chidiebere aka blackgold has given the members assurance that racksterli will return back to normal.

They first rolled out a new domain name before now changing to

Apparently all issues seems to have been solved, as members can now access their accounts and request for withdrawal.

In this Goldomc post, I am going to be writing about all you will need to know about the current status of racksterli, under the following sub topics “goldomc login”, “goldomc registration”, “goldomc withdrawal”, “goldomc login issues”, “goldomc legit”, “goldomc scam”, “goldomc racksterli”, “goldomc login racksterli” and more.

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What is

Goldomc is the new domain name of popular Nigerian investment platform racksterli.

After a few days solving several technical issues that has delayed payment on the platform, racksterli seems to have solved the problem and members can now login and access the website via this new domain. login

To login on goldomc, all you have to do is follow the below instructions:

1. Visit the domain

2. Input your login details (username and password)

3. You will be logged in.


If you can’t login to your dashboard, click on “IF YOU CANT LOG IN, CLICK HERE”

Input your login details and wait for a response from the server once done.

login again and wait for your profile to be updated.

You can then go on to sharing your sponsored posts and requesting for withdrawal. registration (Goldomc sign up)

To sign up on goldomc, visit the official website and click on register.

You will need to select a package from the Available ones, buy a coupon code and proceed to registration by inputting your details.

You can then begin sharing sponsored posts and earning on racksterli.

Goldomc withdrawal

The CEO of racksterli has promised that members will be able to request for withdrawal ones the platform is fully functional once again.

Once you login to your account, you will be able to request for withdrawal and wait for racksterli to pay into your account.

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What is Racksterli?

Racksterli is a Nigerian online earning platform that pays its members for doing activities like sharing sponsored posts to social media and referring new members to the system.

Racksterli is different from Racksterly, the latter which crashed due to issues with their payment gateway.

Racksterli/goldomc packages

The different goldomc packages are:

  1. Standard package for 14,000 naira
  2. Premium package for 28,000 naira
  3. Platinum package for 56,000 naira
  4. Gold package for 112,000 naira
  5. Diamond package for 280,000 naira
  6. Ruby package 560,000 naira
  7. Emerald package 1,120,000 naira

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is the CEO of racksterli?

The CEO of racksterli is Michael Oti Chidiebere, a real estate developer and businessman.

Has racksterli crashed?

Racksterli is still paying its members, and despite having some technical issues, they are now back fully on the domain

How to login on

Visit the website and input your login details and click submit.

Is racksterli legit?

So far, so good, racksterli has been paying its members, only time will tell if it can stand the test of time.

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22 thoughts on “ (login, withdrawal, sign up, sponsored post, profile and more)

  1. I’ve been log out of my profile and am unable to log in for about 3 days now, after I click on the cash out. What’s happening, when will all this problem with the platform end? Please I want to be log into my account

  2. Am a coupon agent for racksterli and i can say racksterli still works eanred upto 500k plus without referrals
    Can also checkout dessi media they pay instantly without delays
    This my contact 07049195791
    If want to reach me on registration

  3. I sincerely congratulate the directorate of racksterli for coming back so strong and much effect after 6 days of breakdown for upgrade.
    If anyone has problem in accessing his or her already registered account, it must be that he or she is either login in through the old platform and not the new ( a click on that leads u to a page where you see login, a click on login leads you to a light beautiful colouful purple page where you can input ur login details and there you are on ur page with ur previous earnings intact, you only maybe asked to verify your bank detail which doesn’t even stop u from earning for the day when you perform the day’s task by sharing via WhatsApp. That’s all.
    Pls, let’s be careful how we present our cases here. I would like to counsel that the directorates of the this platform provide WhatsApp numbers where people with challenges can lodge their complaints.

  4. I lost my phone on 15 March n my contact in Gmail account.i buy phone with new line.i have challenge to login now.

  5. since before my cash date 8th mar this side has not be complied try login for the pass weeks no response.pls what’s the way forward .?

  6. Good morning I need help am unable to share post it keeps Showing me can’t share post @the moment…will really appreciate if u can put me through on how to go about it thank you

  7. Please how will I get my payment, and the worth part of it is that the app that I borrow money said their will test all my contacts on Monday that I’m a scammer please you guyz should help ????me out please I’m dying oo

  8. I was due for cash since on the 21st of March,my dashboard has been cleared and I’m yet to receive my money username “akanbishakirat02” please kindly look into this for me

  9. please what is going on i can’t login into old account since three day ago, each time i tried it they keep on telling me network error please help out

  10. Lol
    This guy is a bastard scammer blackgoldgram
    Why would he even bring up the option that we must buy another coupon code equivalent to our initial investment before we can get paid
    Omo the guy dey surprise me with his thinking
    You owe me
    And you are saying i must purchase another code before I get paid
    This is a very cheap scam nau
    He must think we are animals

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