review (Is Payarena legit or scam?) review (Is Payarena legit or scam?) review (Is Payarena legit or scam?)

Read all about in this payarena review.

There are so many online earning opportunities in Nigeria, that it seems like there is a new one launching each day. Many of these income programs are a waste of time, while some are only good for making a few bucks temporarily.

A good strategy that some people have come up with, is to join these income programs at the early stage and cash out big before it folds up.

Payarena forum according to its’ website is an affiliate program established by professional affiliate entrepreneurs with the vision of helping thousands of people using the platform to become financially stable and independent.

In this review, I am going to be writing about all you will need to know about this platform including “ registration”, “ login”, “Is legit?”, “How does Payarena work?” and more.

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Let’s get into it then…

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What is

Payarena forum according to its’ website is an affiliate program established by professional affiliate entrepreneurs with the vision of helping thousands of people using the platform to become financially stable and independent.

Payarena will pay you for carrying out basic tasks on its website like “Daily login”, “Sharing sponsored posts to your twitter and WhatsApp timeline”, “Viewing and reading posts”, as well as referring your friends to the platform.

Payarena forum is similar to platforms like NNU, Giftalworld, Racksterli etc. To become a member of Payarena, you will need to register with 2,000 naira.

How does work?

Payarena affiliate earning (PAE):

  1. Registration fee: To become a verified member and earner on Payarena forum, you will pay #2000 to join the business.
  2. Referral Bonus: As an affiliate earner you earn 63% on each individual you introduce into the platform. If you introduce one user, you would earn #1300. The amount earned can be withdrawn anytime and any day from your dashboard provided you have registered up to 3 members into the business and your bank account will be credited as soon as possible after withdrawal and also ensure you share your Payment proof to Payarena official Facebook page.
  3. Daily visits: You earn 100(PAE Locus) when you login to the platform website daily.
  4. View / Reading post: You earn from 10(PAE Locus) on each latest post you read.
  5. Sponsored posts: Payarena assign a sponsored post to their members in their dashboard to share on their Twitter and WhatsApp timeline daily, you earn 250(PAE Locus) daily on assigned post you share as recommended by the business.
  6. Non Affiliate Earnings: The Non Referrals earners are paid on the 29th of the month after accumulating 15,000 (PAE Locus) equivalent to 5,000naira paid directly into their cryptocurrency wallet or bank account. The revenue generated for the month will be shared among their members till it gets exhausted.

NOTE: The locus point earned on website activities is not in naira, they payout in local currency or crypto coin after converting the locus point to money.

  1. You can also use your Referral and Activities earnings to purchase airtime or Data directly to your phone number. You get credited instantly as immediately you clicked on the Purchase Box.
  2. Referral contest / weekly giveaways: Referral contest will be available in which the highest member for the speculated week/month will be awarded with cash prizes. Lots of giveaways will also be included; it can be done on Payarena Facebook page or website.

How to register on Payarena forum (Payarena registration)

To register on Payarena, you will need to visit their official website . You will need to get a coupon code from the below verified distributors listed on the Payarena forum website:

Mr Rasheed Tobiloba 08104819195

Mr Lawal Opeyemi 09069289751

Mr Phase 08039364595

Mr Worldmedia 09074105599

Mr Legend 07085682612

XtremeBoss tv 07081129979

Miss Lydia 08163800637

Mr Tweetvillage 09032915507

Fabs Tv 09069349586

Merit Media tv 08141290032

Connect Tv Media 07065660713

Mjay Tv 2349042942820

Milky tv 2348137313770

Favour’s TV 09033285359

Mr Ugwu Paschal kosiso 07081658763

After getting a coupon code, click on REGISTER in the navigation menu of the Payarena website, then input the following details correctly:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address
  4. Phone number
  5. Coupon code
  6. Referrer ID

After registering successfully, you will then be able to earn money by completing tasks on the platform.

How to share sponsored posts on Payarena forum

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To share sponsored posts on, follow the below instructions:

  1. Login into your payarena account
  2. Click Sponsored Post on your account dashboard
  3. Save the Image and Copy the Caption available for sponsored post of the day.
  4. Go to your WhatsApp Status to share the Image with the caption.
  5. Return to your payarena dashboard after sharing the Sponsored Post of the day to earn.

How to register a downline on Payarena

  1. Purchase the coupon code for registration from a vendor listed on Payarena website
  2. Login to your Payarena account, copy out your referral link and it save to your notepad.
  3. Clear your cache browser
  4. Now, forward your referral link and the coupon code to the person you intend to register
  1. Immediately, the user clicks on the referral link, fill in his/her personal information and apply the coupon code, the referral id and the username of your upline is displayed and you accept the terms and conditions by ticking the box then click on Register. If The registration is successful, the User automatically becomes a Payarena member

Is legit?

Payarena is just like any other income program that has come and gone, they may pay for a while, but eventually it will definitely crash.

There is nothing different about Payarena to make one think it will stand the test of time. Since it is still fresh, this might probably be the best time to join and make money from the platform.

Just keep at the back of your mind, that it may not last.

You can leave your reviews about Payarena in the comment section below.

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20 thoughts on “ review (Is Payarena legit or scam?)

  1. I can’t even withdraw my money they keep saying am not qualified to. And today I tried again and the withdraw option is not opening.. what could be the problem??

    1. Me too, please how can I withdraw my none referral bonus, it keeps saying I’m not qualified for withdrawal

  2. Non referral and I have more than 15,000, have try to withdraw but still not going, saying not qualify to withdraw

  3. I tried to withdraw but it keep saying not qualified to withdraw…and I have 26150 in my bonus account?
    Pls I need quick reply ?.

  4. I hope it not a scam because I can’t just afford to lose 2k !I just paid and am just seeing people complaining about pay arena ??

  5. Havr been trying to withdraw since 1am, it firstly said request successful, then later when i tried it again by 7am, it said not qualified to withdraw, what’s wrong

  6. Hi have been trying to withdraw my non referral bonus but it keep telling me morning qualified this is wired

  7. My withdrawal was successful on the 29th of August, but uptill today, I have not received any payment, what could be the problem cos I am so confused here.

  8. Ah naww, payarena had 30000 above locus bonus, wanna withdraw my money is telling me I not qualified for withdraw.. Pls how cud i am confused nd tired of this… Shit

  9. How many people will payarena attend to on 29th of the month let know and why can’t we use our bonus earning for airtime.

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