Uwork review (is Uwork.ng legit)

Uwork review (is Uwork.ng legit)

Uwork review (is Uwork.ng legit)

Read all about Uwork.ng in this Uwork review.

There are so many platforms that promise to pay you for completing certain tasks, the lure of making money from the comfort of your home, means that these platforms will always get members.

So many of these platforms in the past has proven not to be worth the time or money, while some others started very well, only to go off the rails later.

You are probably here because you heard about Uwork and want to know if it is a legit platform or if it is a scam platform.

Uwork.ng is a free membership site where you can perform some tasks and earn money. These tasks involve renting out your social media handles to advertisers, who pay you to promote their products.

In this Uwork review, am going to be writing about all you will need to know about this platform under some of the following sub-topics “is Uwork.ng legit?”, “How to earn on Uwork”, “Uwork withdrawal”, “Uwork investment plans” and more.

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Let’s get into it then….

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What is Uwork (Uwork.ng)

Uwork.ng is a free membership site where you can perform some tasks and earn money. These tasks involve renting out your social media handles to advertisers, who pay you to promote their products.

Basically, Uwork gives you a way to make money from your smartphone, by acting as an intermediary between you and advertisers.

These advertisers pay Uwork to advertise their products, Uwork in turn then gives its’ users a commission for sharing these adverts on their social media handles.

You can receive corresponding tasks in Uwork app according to your VIP level, then help merchants and advertisers to forward product information to your social media page.

Apart from getting paid to complete tasks on the app, Uwork will pay you for referring your friends to the platform and for completing tasks.

According to its website, Uwork plans to introduce more work in its’ ecosystem in the future, so its’ members can earn more money.

Uwork investment plans

Uwork has four investment plans, one of them is free, while the others cost a bit of money:

  1. VIP0 plan: The VIP0 plan is the plan that is free and cost nothing on Uwork. You get a registration bonus of $0.3 instantly when you register for this plan, but it resides in your Uwork wallet. Before you withdraw from your wallet, you will have to reach a specific threshold. Also, you will get 2 cents for each individual that you refer i.e. making it $1 for 5 referrals. You are estimated to make $35 minimum monthly.
  2. VIP1 plan: This plan has an estimated monthly revenue of about $145, but cost a bit of money to invest for.
  3. VIP2 plan: The VIP2 is more expensive to invest in than the VIP1 plan, and also has a minimum monthly revenue of about $400.
  4. VIP3 plan: The VIP3 is the highest investment you can make on Uwork, and cost about $300, with an estimated monthly revenue of $500.

How to complete tasks on Uwork

  1. Visit the website https://uwork.ng
  2. On the homepage, there is a list of tasks.
  3. Scroll through this lists and find the tasks that is appropriate for your investment plan i.e. either VIP0, VIP1, VIP2 and VIP3.
  4. When you find a task to complete, scroll down on the task page and tap “RECEIVE”.
  5. After tapping receive, you’re to copy both the text content and the image provided.
  6. You will then have to share on your Facebook profile.
  7. Ensure you take a screenshot of the post and also set the post visibility to public.
  8. Finally, you will have to submit the task.

Uwork withdrawal

To withdraw on Uwork, you will have to add a means of withdrawal.

  1. Use Nigeria bank card to apply for withdrawal. After completion, they will have to review your details.
  2. Use the digital currency system to apply for withdrawal. After you initiate a withdrawal application, you need to fill in your exchange receiving address. Ensure you enter all the details correctly.

Uwork registration

To register on Uwork.ng, you will have to follow the below instructions:

  1. Visit the official Uwork website https://uwork.ng
  2. Enter the Sign up page
  3. Enter your email address and click “Send code” button.
  4. A code will be sent to your email address, you are to enter it into the box provided.
  5. Enter your full name, and set your password.
  6. Click on register and you’re done.

Is Uwork legit or scam?

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There are so many variables when it comes to Uwork, it has gained huge popularity in a short period of time and has shown massive potential.

It is far too early to tell if Uwork is legit, as it launched towards the end of 2020, but so far there has been little to no complaints by its’ users.

Uwork has been paying so far, and the idea behind the platform seems very interesting, but only time will tell if they are here to stay.

If you have registered on Uwork, you can leave your reviews in the comment section below to assist others in making well informed decision.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who owns Uwork.ng?

The owner of Uwork.ng is not yet known.

Is Uwork legit?

It is far too early to tell if Uwork is legit, as it launched towards the end of 2020, but so far there has been little to no complaints by its’ users.

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Thank you for reading my Uwork review. If you have any question or comment, you can leave it below in the comment section.

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Thank you for reading once again.


Are you a member of Uwork.ng? If you have used Uwork before, you can help others by leaving your reviews below in the comment section.

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17 thoughts on “Uwork review (is Uwork.ng legit)

  1. We really appreciate the uwork team and initiators please and please maintain your status . as legid pladform never nomber1 in the world. I pray you success. And stay enfinite. Thanks.

    1. You get no refferal reward as a v0 member and also you only get reward if your refferal upgrade

  2. Thank you for given a chance to register for all Nigerians to benefit from this program thank you all.

  3. Many of this platform used to come in a “flash and disappeared into a thin air” Hope uwork is not like them

      1. uwork is a scam site they ask us to upgrade again so that we can be able to withdraw and I have done that ….now I can’t withdraw and I cant get my money back …….


    1. They breached the initial terms of contract to every member that the one-time subscription payment was for life. This is fraud.

    2. Interest of members are not in their agenda that’s why they took a negative turn to change their terms suddenly within 15min and not giving members time to contribute.

    3. They told us that the commission paid to members are from companies getting their service which is a lie. Apart from Jumia, Tecno and CoinBank, no other company is advertised through them.

    4. They defrauded members to float a new Crypto company in the name Coin Bank. Coin Bank is the brain child of Uwork, do not patronize Coin Bank.

    5. Jumia is linked to this fraud and should be made to fish out the faces behind Uwork since it enjoyed massive advert from Uwork without any disclaimer.

    6. Calculate the total members in the first Telegram channel (60680) multiplied by ($15) minimum multiplied by (420) supposed Naira exchange rate:
    60680 × 15 ×420 = 382,284,000 (more than). This is the amount in Naira with them so far. Excluding Returns On Investment from crypto/Forex trading with this capital.

    7. Their aim is to cut off new members or force them to empty their account to them.

    8. If you continue with Uwork, you are the problem of this country. Stop referring people to Uwork, make blog post to media site about Uwork scam, post payment screenshot of payment made to Uwork various Account to EFCC site. Stop this scam now else yours will be worse.

    9. Coin Bank is a scam. Both CoinBank, Tecno and Jumia are associated in these scam.

  5. Uwork is a scam..they have defrauded us…but we will make sure they don’t dupe any other person………………..they are scammers don’t fall for them

  6. UWORK has come to destroy the life of many nigerian by coming against insme.we have been enjoying mission of insme with our investment with them.we nigerian are coming after you because uwork and insme are not operating on the same mission.COLLINS

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