The Chat Mogul review (All you need to know about TheChatMogul)

The Chat Mogul review (All you need to know about TheChatMogul)

The Chat Mogul review (All you need to know about TheChatMogul)

There are several income programs in Nigeria that promise to pay their users a certain amount of money daily for carrying out specific tasks on their platforms.

Many of these platforms out there cannot really be relied upon, some of them fail to deliver as promised, while some only pay for a while, only to later be overwhelmed when more users join the platform.

Chat Mogul (The Chat mogul) is a unique platform that is in the form of a social media platform, that promises to share its’ revenue with its users.

According to its website Thechatmogul is a visionary organization operated by a team of well-experienced online affiliate entrepreneurs. This organization has created a social media platform called Thechatmogul aimed at providing a source of income and employment for its registered members.

In this chat mogul review, I am going to be writing all you will need to know about Thechatmogul under the following subtopics “is chatmogul legit?”, “How to withdraw on chatmogul”, “How to register on Chatmogul” and more.

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Let’s get into it then…

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What is Chatmogul?

According to its website, Thechatmogul is a visionary organization operated by a team of well-experienced online affiliate entrepreneurs. This organization has created a social media platform called THECHATMOGUL aimed at providing a source of income and employment for its registered members.

With an alarming rate of increase in the number of people on social media networks that don’t make money online, the organization has taken it upon itself to provide a simple yet highly rewarding means of making money for everyone.

Thechatmogul was designed to solve these needs and over the years, we have lived to our words and put smile on the faces of our esteemed members.

How does Chatmogul work?

Thechatmogul aims at providing an easy means of income for everybody regardless of race, tribe, age or location. They are able to this by making money from blogging. As a team of bloggers, they are willing to pay back to our registered members.

Chatmogul also earn from hosting ads from other web sites on their platform to generate traffic to their site and they are paid when people visit their own site.

As a registered member, you make money on THECHATMOGUL in several ways:


Registration Bonus of 1200 immediately you register on the site

Earning on social channel

  1. You earn 20 for reacting to a friend’s post. Also,
  2. You earn 20 for every comment on your friend post. And most importantly………
  3. Your post gets an instant approval and you earn 200.

Earning on the media channel (News)

  1. For every daily login, you earn 100.
  2. Reading any post earns you 10
  3. Comment on any post earns you 10
  4. When you share our post to your Facebook timeline, you earn 100
  5. You are to earn 5 for every shared post.

THECHATMOGUL pays you for inviting your friends, relatives, and even your enemies’ lol to join the platform. They pay N1,300 as referral bonus for every person that registers using your registration link.

NOTE: Referral is 100% optional. We pay non-referral earners completely. No stories. No hassles

Before you conclude, read the means of earning:

They have a Facebook community that if you are paid, and decide to share your proof of payment to this community, we pay you an extra 500-naira worth of airtime, amazing right?

You earn N15,000 for being the best affiliate of the week and N3,000 if you are the second affiliate

Most Active member earn 5,000 every week.

How to register on Chatmogul

There are two methods of registration.

Click on the link, fill in your details and make payment of 1800 naira with your ATM CARD

You still cannot pay with an ATM card. Contact any of thechatmogul VERIFIED coupon agent on this link, pay into their bank account and you will be given a coupon card. Use the code to register.

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How to register someone on Chatmogul

To register someone on Thechatmogul, you need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Enter the site url
  2. Click on register
  3. Click to apply coupon code to get coupon code
  4. Fill your details or downlines details as the case may be
  5. Put in your username to get your referrals commission/bonus. Leave empty if you have no upline.
  6. Tick the T and C box Then place order


Is thechatmogul legit or scam?

There are many screenshots and evidence of payments from thechatmogul flying around on the internet, this means that they have been paying.

There is no guarantee that they will continue to pay. In my experience, the best time to join these types of platforms is at the beginning, when they are still fresh.

Also, if you decide to invest, always make sure to do so with money you can afford to lose.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When Do I Get Paid?

Referral earnings are cashed out every Friday & Monday while non-referral earnings are paid twice a month.

Do I Get Paid Without Referrals?

Yes! Non-referral earnings are definitely paid and paid completely by THECHATMOGUL.

How Do I Get paid After Registration?

After registering, you earn money and once it is time for withdrawal, simply request from your dashboard and get paid within 48hours. Very fast and easy.

Can Anybody Register on THECHATMOGUL

Yes! Anybody can register on this platform irrespective of the age, race, tribe etc. provided you have an internet connect and any device such as phone, laptop etc.

How Much Do I Need to register?

With the sum of 2,000 naira, you will become a full member of THECHATMOGUL. You only need to pay once.


Thank you for reading my Chat mogul review. . If you have any question or comment, you can leave it below in the comment section.

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Thank you for reading once again.

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21 thoughts on “The Chat Mogul review (All you need to know about TheChatMogul)

  1. Chat Mogul is rubbish , you can’t withdraw your mog , one doesn’t even know when the withdrawal form is available . What rubbish

      1. Yes I saw that on tje dashboard and up till now,I have not gotten my money.I still think all this stories are all lies bcos even the person that referred me lied to me and after Registration, he abandoned me.he doesn’t even reply my msgs.

  2. Since I have registered to thechatmogul, I have tried all means to withdraw but they didn’t pay me, I have 22,000 mog
    This platform is a scam

  3. Chatmogul is a scam
    I have not been able to withdraw my MOG…only those with atleast 3 refs can withdraw i.e,they pay u with their registration money.those million payments are lies….
    Think about it,how does Tue company make the money,nothing about that.

  4. I have only been seeing viral posts for March 2nd anytime I have been clicking on viral post. And whenever it opens, it never presents you with any post beyond March 2nd. Even when this is posted, 100 mog is not credited to my dashboard. What is going on? Today is March 12th.

  5. Best site ever

    Chat mogul has come to stay
    Vision 2030🤡💯✌️✅
    We move 😜
    For those of u saying scam it seems urent doing what you are told to do on the don’t blame anyone 🙄

  6. Mr Justin above I believe you must be one of the agents or a relative of one of the owners of the platform. Almost if not all the platforms are scam!
    The persuade you with attractive offers, claiming theirs are the best, but at the end of the day just as somebody rightly pointed out they pay you with your referral money that’s why they quickly pay that one so you can refer other people! I have suffered in the hands of these platforms! All are scam and fake.

  7. Thanks for the review and comments. I wanted to register but decided to do a little research. Thanks for the comments. Let me enjoy small suya with that registration fee of 2k. Bye to scam mogul.

  8. Let me explain what’s going on to those who are yet to enter into this scheme, don’t invest your money into platform a like this because this platforms make their money mainly from google AdSense and your registration money. For every impression an ad gets google doesn’t pay them until you click on it and when you click they don’t make up to $0.10 per click. Now imagine thousands on the platform let’s say about 10,000 users on the platform then we assume that each user clicks a maximum of 5 times per month. 10000 x 5 = 50,000. Then we multiply it by $0.10. 50000 x $0.10 = $500 which is about #200k . So now imagine where all the money they are paying those that claim to see alert is from.

  9. This chat mogul is a scam no wonder the admin in my whatsapp group keep posting so that you can register.

  10. have filled the withdrawal form since yesterday and i haven’t received any alert and i kept trying still no alert….and this is my first time to fill the withdrawal form

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