MyBonus2u review (is MyBonus2u legit?)

MyBonus2u review (is MyBonus2u legit?)

MyBonus2u review (is MyBonus2u legit?)

Read mybonus2u review.

On this blog, we have reviewed so many online businesses, some of them are great, some are good while some are not so good. If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you must have found one or two businesses to invest your money in.

Today’s review will focus on Mybonus2u, which is an online business that has been getting a lot of attention recently.

Mybonus2u is a recognized platform that helps e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, EBay, Jumia etc. to improve their product sales.

You might be asking “How does this help us make money?”, just stick with me, and I will show you exactly how to benefit on this platform.

When you create an account on Mybonus2u, you subscribe to a plan and subsequently, you can earn commissions and also invite your friends to make more money.

In this Mybonus2u review, am going to be writing about all you will need to know about this platform under the following headings “is mybonus2u legit?”, “mybonus2u registration”, “How does mybonus2u work?”, “mybonus2u login”, “mybonus2u invitation code”, “How to earn on mybonus2u” and more.

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NOTE: Coinistnigeria is no way affiliated to the mybonus2u platform. All our reviews are aimed at aiding you to know more about a platform.

Let’s get into it then…

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What is mybonus2u?

Mybonus2u review

Mybonus2u is a recognized platform that helps e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, EBay, Jumia etc. to improve their product sales.

All these e-commerce companies provide their product link to mybonus2u for them to help advertise their product links, with the help of members who register on the platform.

Mybonus2u was founded by Omotola Adanna sometime in 2020 and has been gaining a lot of popularity in a short period of time.

To make money on mybonus2u, you have to register and subscribe, then you can order products and get paid, as well as referring your friends to the platform.

How does Mybonus2u work?

Mybonus2u helps e-commerce companies like Amazon, Alibaba, EBay, Jumia to advertise their products link. When you register on mybonus2u, you subscribe to plan, then you order products from Mybonus2u and you get paid.

The stuff you are ordering is already part of the subscription, so you don’t need to pay any other money.

You get paid commissions, when you market the product and the customer buys. When you refer your friends, you also get paid. The higher your subscription plan, the more you can earn.

How to earn on Mybonus2u

There are two ways to earn on Mybonus2u:

  1. Ordering
  2. Referring

Ordering: When you sign up with a subscription fee and get a package plan from 1000, 5000, 18000 and above. You earn based on your subscription package, the higher your subscription package, the higher the income you get daily.

For each day, you have 60 ordering slots, if you are able to order 60 times, you’d be able to earn at least 300 naira daily.

Referring:  You can also earn by referrals and commission, when you refer a friend, you get paid, as soon as they register and purchase/order something.

When you reach the minimum amount required for withdrawal, then you can withdraw straight to your bank account.

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Mybonus2u subscription plans

The following are the subscription plans available on mybonus2u:

  1. 1k – 60k – Silver hall
  2. 60k – 180k – Gold hall
  3. 180k – 300k – Platinum hall
  4. 300k – 500k – Diamond hall
  5. 500k – 800k – Crown hall

How to deposit or recharge on Mybonus2u app?

1. Click on recharge button.

2. Choose your preferred payment method and proceed (preferably, express payment or online payment).

How earnings are calculated on Mybonus2u

  1. For the silver the calculation is 1000: 100X3 = 30naira daily + your initial 1,000 naira deposit = 1,030. The 1,000 here can be any amount you want to recharge, so check it yourself, just change the 1,000 to the amount you want to recharge your account. The order and the merchant match also determine your commission; a higher order gets you a higher commission.
  2.  For the gold hall, the calculation is 60,000/100 X 3.5 = 2100 daily + your initial deposit of 60,000 = 60,210 daily, 2100 X 30, which is about 63,000 + 60,000 that you deposited before = 123,000 monthly. The 60,000 naira here can be any amount you want to recharge, so to check it yourself, just change the 60,000 to the amount you want to recharge your account.
  3. For diamond hall, the calculation is 500,000/100 X 4.5 = 22,500 naira daily 22,500 X 30 = 675,000 + your initial deposit of 500,000 = 1,175,000 monthly.
  4. For the platinum hall, the calculation is 180,000/100 X 4 = 7,200 naira daily 7,200 X 30 = 216,000 + your initial deposit of 180,000 = 396,000 monthly.
  5. For the crown hall, the calculation is 3,000,000/100 X 5 = 150,000 naira daily 150,000 X 30 = 4,500,000 + your initial deposit of 3,000,000 = 7,500,000 monthly.
  6. For the supreme hall, the calculation is 8,000,000/ 100 X 5.5 = 440,000 naira daily 440,000 X 30 = 13,200,000 + your initial deposit of 8,000,000 = 21,200,000 monthly.

How to register on Mybonus2u (Mybonus2u registration)

If you want to register on Mybonus2u, follow the below instructions:

  1. Visit the official mybonus2u website
  2. Fill the registration form correctly
  3. Login to your account.
  4. Fund your account, by clicking on “Recharge”, select your means of payment i.e. bank transfer, online transfer, then click on “NEXT” at the bottom of the page and insert the amount you want to recharge your account with, make transactions and upload the payment proof.
  5. Invest, by choosing any of the subscription plans.

Is Mybonus2u legit or scam?

Mybonus2u is a very new platform, it only launched as recently as 2020, so there are not too many reviews on the internet about the platform.

It’s business model seems legit, but there is no guarantee that it will stand the test of time, all we can do is watch and wait.

If you want to invest in the platform, just make sure that you do so with money that you can afford to lose.

I will update this post, as soon as more information is available on mybonus2u, so make sure you subscribe to this blog.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is mybonus2u legit?

Mybonus2u is a very new platform, it only launched as recently as 2020, so there are not too many reviews on the internet about the platform.

Who is the owner of mybonus2u?

mybonus2u is owned by Omotola Adana.


Thank you for reading my mybonus2u review. If you have any question or comment, you can leave it below in the comment section.

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Thank you once again for reading.


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  1. I have a link through the person that introduce this to but I still find it difficulty to register. It’s bringing 404 error. What can I do?

  2. As U said is reliable online business, well-done for creating the platform, surely we are benefiting.then I have questions,do u have any agents or office in Nigeria

  3. i downloaded the App i can’t register it keep showing.
    Account registered as reached limiterror

  4. Hello, my name is Dauda Akeem, one of the Mybonus2u members, I am one the victims because we are unable to login again …and we have huge amount of money there, so, pls if there is a way out for us…pls , I need your help…… besides, I like your post always. Thanks in anticipation

  5. You talked about great, good and not so good online businesses. Please may you enlighten me on any that is really*great*.

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