Cash chain investment review (is cash chain legit or scam?)

Cash chain investment review (is cash chain legit or scam?)

Cash chain investment review (is cash chain legit or scam?)

Cash chain investment is an investment platform that promises over 100% ROI on your investment. If you are very active on Facebook or WhatsApp, you might have come across their adverts.

Most of these adverts shows different celebrities endorsing the platform, asking people to register and also promising them huge returns on their investments.

This has made many people to wonder if they are legit, and if they deliver as they promised on their website.

We have taken our time to review this platform and tried to find out if they are legit or not. After our research, we have come up with a conclusion. First, let me show you how Cash chain investment works.

In this Cash chain investment review, am going to show you all you need to know about Cash chain investment in Nigeria, and also answer questions like “is Cash chain investment legit?”, “How to register on cash chain investment?”, “is Cash chain investment legit?” and more.

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Let’s get into it then…

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What is Cash chain investment?

Cash chain investment is an investment platform that promises over 100% ROI on your investment.

According to the website, they will use your investment money to trade bitcoin and other currencies to triple the funds in less than 30 minutes.

There have been videos of celebrities endorsing the platform, this has made many people curious on whether cash chain can really deliver as promised.

How does Cash chain investment work?

Cash chain promise a 100% ROI on your investment, they claim to use your money to trade bitcoin and other currencies to triple your funds in less than 30 minutes.

The system pays you double of what you invest, while keeping your capital in the system i.e. If you invest 20,000 naira, then you get paid 40,000 naira and cash chain will keep 20,000 naira in the system.

How to register on Cash chain investment?

To register on Cash chain, you will need to visit their website and click on REGISTER.

Then you will have to fill in your details such as your first name, last name, phone number, username, account details and also select your package.

You will also need to pay the amount required for your selected package.

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Cash chain investment packages

  1. Starter: The cost is 5,000 naira and the ROI is 10,000 naira.
  2. Smart: The cost is 10,000 naira and the ROI is 20,000 naira
  3. Ultimate: The cost is 20,000 naira and the ROI is 40,000 naira.
  4. Gold: The cost is 50,000 naira and the ROI is 100,000 naira
  5. Diamond: The cost is 100,000 naira and the ROI is 200,000 naira
  6. Arab: The cost is 200,000 naira and the ROI is 400,000 naira.
  7. Black: The cost is 500,000 naira and the ROI is 1 million naira.
  8. Legend: The cost is 1 million and the ROI is 2 million naira.

Cash chain investment support

To contact Cash chain, you will have to create a support ticket or send them a message on Telegram:

Is Cash chain investment legit?

There have been videos of celebrities endorsing Cash chain, this has made many people to register on the platform.

You should know that these videos are fake, and are edited. Cash chain has so many red flags that has made us to come to the conclusion that it is scam.

  1. The founders of the platform are not known.
  2. Their contact channels are basically useless, since they will never reply you.
  3. They have so many typographical errors on the website.
  4. There have been many complaints online by people who say cash chain has not delivered as promised.

If you want to invest with cash chain, I will advise you not to, as you will just be wasting your hard earned money.

You can leave your reviews below, if you have already registered on the platform before.


Thank you for reading my Cash chain investment review. If you have any question or comment, you can leave it in the comment section below.

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45 thoughts on “Cash chain investment review (is cash chain legit or scam?)

  1. Thanks for the information, I was just dumped 20,000naira just now,
    Thank you for this information

  2. When I saw the advert of chief Imo worldwide about the cash chain I wanted to invest but I need to call chief Imo first guess what it was edited video.he told me that he is not the one.that is what saved me. Their scams

  3. I invested 20k on Cash chain investment and I was told to pay #25 in double as charge and for calculation of my payout. And later some mail was sent to me from another group called BITCOIN CYCLE, telling me to pay 37500k in two places that my money is coming in huge #300k. Pls is there any way I can recover my money.

  4. Someone told me to com and join so I decided to chalk on it first.but now I know is a scam.thanks guys ?

  5. I am just directed to register I don’t know have it may be so I want to register but I am afraid of lossing my money.

  6. I paid 5k to one mr grace100 on instagram and she asked me to pay another 5k for registration that if i don’t my money will not be paid .and that there is no refunding of money after payment. Is these true

  7. I transfer to one mr NAME: SALIHU ELIJAH
    ACC NUMBER:0050178799
    UNITY BANK ,my dear people of Go,this guy came back to tell me that i should pay extra 30k that bitcoin is high ……fucking scammers

  8. Someone just sent me the information and promised to send do both the registration and payment as well…. Then later I will pay him back when I receive the alert within 2hrs:30mins.
    He said I should forward my full name and bank details if I am interested with his offer.
    My question now is that; should I forward my full name and my Bank details to him?????

  9. Those celebrities should come out to the public and clear themselves bcos people are doing the cash chain scam bcos of them

    1. I was almost going to call Charles inojie , but decided to check this out o. Thanks to God.

  10. God bless you all for sharing your Ordeals. All Scammers shall go to hell!!! I was about to be convinced! But thank Hod for you guys. Let’s keep enlightening people so that they won’t fall victims of these unscrupulous elements who are out to destroy people’s destiny.

  11. Thanks for this updates o
    I was about to send money
    Although I have register
    Thank God I did not send any money

  12. Pls give us option to share this website on whatsapp, they’ve just added me to a whatsapp group. I want to shock dem

  13. Cash chain are scammers, they scammed me#5000 , nwafor Arinze Chinedu,fcmb bank, since Friday I have not received any refund payment, they are scammers, God is watching o,I know how I suffer work for that money,

  14. Cash chain are scarmers pls. I would not advice any body to join .I made some research about them and i discover they are fake Do venture into any plat form telling u they will double ur money withing some minutes or hour.they are fake.But I have a legit plat form that can pay u if you are interested. Just WhatsApp me on:08102730441.

  15. These people are scammer i pay #5000 to one Eze chinaemerem when i was trying to upload image to tell him to confirm the payment everythhng will just reload itself. They are all scam dont fall victim of them

  16. Thanks for the information, I have give them my details and was about paying before I decided to Google it. Thanking God that I didn’t fall victim this morning Ooooh.

  17. I was fast to believe it because I saw the advert by Chief Imo and never thought it could be edited video. I just believed it and contacted the line there via WhatsApp. That was how I lost my hard earned #10k and the inconsequential idiot demanded more so he could upgrade my investment and then I’d have more money in return. But then I had already realised it’s a whole scam….
    I didn’t really lose, I learned.

  18. Thank Jehovah that I have not fall prey,I got to know them thru one elderly woman we both meet on Facebook who stays in Abuja but we have not seen in person she just told she got her money credited to her account already I smells fouls but due to the several times have been scammed it makes me to be over cautious so I start surfing the net to get feedbacks as regards thanks so much friends am gf rateful.

  19. Am also a victim of cash chain investment I deposit the sum of 10k to receive 20k and he later told me that I have to pay the some of 10k again so I can be able to receive my money I sent another 10k later he said I need to pay for something else again that I need to pay another 7500 which I have just 5k remaining in my account I still sent him that again making 25000k I lost to this man called Mr Godwin, cash chain is a big scam 100%

  20. Please I have just been scammed of 30000 now ooooo. Please hiw can this group of people be apprehended

  21. A very Big scammer they are. They even have many computer generated numbers on their whatsapp group that they use in sharing fake testimony. Guys I have just been scammed

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