Pinkoin to naira (How to convert inksnation pinkoin to naira)

Pinkoin to naira (How to convert inksnation pinkoin to naira)

Pinkoin to naira (How to convert inksnation pinkoin to naira)

Read all about how to convert inksnation pinkoin to naira.

Many people want to know how to convert pinkoin to naira, it is very easy, and I will show you in the below steps.

This blogpost will answer the following questions “how to convert pinkoin to naira”, “how to convert pinkcoin to naira”, “how to convert inksnation to naira”, “Pinkoin withdrawal limit” and more.

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How to convert inksnation pinkoin to naira

  1. The first step is to locate a pinkoin exchanger, who will be willing to convert your pinkoin to naira, either offline or online.
  2. Login to your inksnation wallet/account via the inksnation website
  3. After you have successfully signed in, you should see your spendable located in your account.
  4. Click to exchange your spendable.
  5. Select you want to exchange with an exchanger in the options.
  6. Add the wallet address of the exchanger in to the wallet address section.
  7. Add the amount you want to withdraw/exchange
  8. Type in your PIN and then click SEND
  9. Once it goes through, you can collect your cash from the exchanger.

That’s it on how to convert pinkoin to naira. Before you go, you need to know about the withdrawal limit and also the fee that pinkoin exchangers will charge you.

Pinkoin Withdrawal limit

You can only withdraw 10% of this money, and you will also need to pay commission to the exchanger when you want to withdraw the cash.

According to inksnation, the remaining 90% of your spendable funds will be sent to your distributed reserve cashless bank (DRCB).

The funds can only be accessed when buying & selling starts with merchants and or when Pinkoin achieves mass adoption and or if the Nigerian government embraces Pinkoin as a base/reserve currency for the naira.

  1. For bronze members there is an exchange limit of 12,000 per week.
  2. For Silver members, there is an exchange limit of 18,000 per week.
  3. For Gold members, there is an exchange limit of 24,000 per week.
  4. For Diamond members, there is an exchange limit of 36,000 per week

Pinkoin Exchanger transaction fee

Pinkoin exchangers usually charge a certain amount for converting your Pinkoin to cash. It is usually around 30% to 40%. i.e. if you want to withdraw 100,000 naira, you will have to pay 30,000 to 40,000 as exchanger fee.

What is inksnation?

Inksnation is the world’s first charitable trust that exists as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

They claim that they can end poverty in any country in less than 9 months with the use of their own blockchain known as “Inksledger”.

The headquarters is located in Nigeria at 19 Posukoh quarters off Joseph Dosu way, badagry, Lagos state.

The official website is operated by IBSmartify and it is registered with the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria.

How to register on Inksnation?

If you want to be a part of the community, you should register on the official inksnation pinkard website or by one of the agent.

Visit or for registration. You will need to provide your Email address, mobile number, Password.

Read the warning & check the box that you accept it, Click on “Registration in Pinkoin” button.

Once you have completed all required fields, there will be a congratulations message on your screen, and also instructions on what to do next.

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