What is Tatcoin? (All you need to know about Tatcoin)

What is Tatcoin? (All you need to know about Tatcoin)

What is Tatcoin? (All you need to know about Tatcoin)

Read all about Tatcoin.

We are truly in the age of digital currencies. Ever since the boom of bitcoin, ethereum and the other popular cryptocurrencies, there have been a significant increase in the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency provides a hedge against currency volatility & high inflation in the domestic economy, since unlike fiat currency which is steadily printed and loses a lot of value per year, cryptocurrency have risen in value over the years.

In this blogpost, am going to be writing about a new digital currency known as “Tatcoin”, and I will answer all questions about Tatcoin. Including “What is Tatcoin?”, “is tatcoin a good investment?”, “How much is a Tatcoin?”, “How do you trade tatcoin?” and more.

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Let’s get into it then…

How much is 1 tatcoin to naira.

What is Tatcoin?

Tatcoin token, under the parent company ABiT network is a tradeable token in the cryptocurrency market that would be used as the official transactional currency of the ABiT network and also serve as a store of value.

This utility token is focused on simplifying payment processes for goods & services and would be available to every user on the ABiT network ecosystem.

Tatcoin is an ethereum coin based on the ERC20 platforms. Its tokens were distributed via public sale and the company raised over $720,000 at a pre- sale price of $0.03.

Tatcoin has been making a lot of waves in Africa and has been listed on exchanges like Naijacrypto, Bidesk, IDEX and Bitfxt.

What is ABiT network?

The ABiT Network is the owner of Tatcoin and has birthed a lot of other companies or products using Tatcoin token as the transactional currency.

ABiT network is a blockchain creative solutions brand in Africa, its utility token known as “Tatcoin” is focused on simplifying payments processes for goods and services and would be available to every user on the ABiT network.

This means that using tatcoin on the ABiT network would include discounted rates on every product and services.

The CEO of the ABiTnetwork is Gaius Chibueze also known as “The bitcoin chief”, according to him the ABiT network is utilizing the blockchain technology to provide smart solutions to prevailing issues in the economy.

The Price/value of Tatcoin

The Tatcoin tokens were distributed via public sale, and the company raised over $720,000 at a pre-sale rate of $0.03.

The pre-sale ended on June 2020, and it is now trading live at $0.07 cents, as at the time of writing this post.

There will be a total fixed supply of 200 million Tatcoin tokens. Many investors have seen the potential of Tatcoin, and have decided to buy now that the price is very low.

For many who missed out on bitcoin, when its price was next to nothing, see tatcoin as a great investment opportunity.

The ABiT ecosystem

It is the collection of solutions that a company uses to run its business, and how these solutions connects.

The Ecosystem of Tatcoin consists of the following:

  1. ABiT rep
  2. ABiTgo
  3. ABiTfarm
  4. ABiTplay
  5. ABiTskillsmart
  6. ABiTcrowd
  7. ABiTcharity

The number of products they are building to support tatcoin & form it’s use cases is constantly growing.

Tatcoin was created to be a coin with real life use cases, you can use it to pay for Taxi fares with ABiTmove, pay for real estate investment with ABiTcrowd, pay for flights and other travel expenses with ABiTgo, pay for Agricultural investment with ABiTfarm and lots more.

Tatcoin is also tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges. It is listed on naijacrypto, Bidesk, IDEX & BitFxt and they also have their own peer to peer trading platform called ABiTtrader.

The Value chain

A value chain simply means those activities taken by a company operating in a specific industry to deliver a valuable product for the market.

ABiT aims to build and offer valuable products to the users and at the same time get profit for the company and investors.

According to the Chief Operations Officer Obiajuly, these are the following benefits Tatcoin accrues:

Gives the opportunity to build wealth, increases participation in various markets and give people access to credit.

“With this value-chain, a lot of people will be included in the ecosystem. ABiT is creating products really tailored for people’s needs” says Ajulu.

In a way to achieve its objective, ABiT has also created an avenue for most youths looking to create wealth but has no platform or opportunity to get involved.

ABiT gives these youths limitless opportunities where they can become an ABiT Rep and earn money by referring active users to use the ABiT products.

This also opens up opportunities for about 23 million youths without jobs in Nigeria and across Africa.

Moreover, ABiT crowd creates an opportunity for individuals without enough funds to invest in properties and other sectors like real estate to be able to do this.

With ABiT Crowd, persons with little funds can pull it together and buy a landed property through contribution “ISUSU”.

If you look at the Ecosystem, the three major categories form a very interesting value chain for the entire community.

ABiT network cash flow

ABiT has made it possible to create a cash flow within the ecosystem through its various services. When users get introduced through ABiT rep, they end up being an active user either by using ABiTrader to buy their first bitcoin or they use ABiTcrowd to invest in real estate.

Additionally, when these active user looks out to either travel, shop, or pay for utilizes. He can use ABiTgo, ABiT discount shoppers, ABiTpay etc. encouraging cash flow within the ABiT network ecosystem.

Already, Tatcoin is listed on iVendPay providing a payment option for users across different countries around the world.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Tatcoin a good investment?

There is no way to be sure, but Tatcoin definitely has shown massive potential. If you have some spare money, you should definitely invest in it.

How much is 1 tatcoin in naira?

As at the time of writing this post, 1 Tatcoin is about 10 cents.


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