How to register on Inksnation pinkcoin portal (pinkcoin registration)

How to register on Inksnation pinkcoin portal (pinkcoin registration)

How to register on Inksnation pinkcoin portal (pinkcoin registration)

Read all about Pinkcoin registration.

What is Pinkcoin?

Pinkcoin is the first blockchain based donation fundraising platform for social impact, supporting charities & non-profit organizations & encourage community participation.

It is a digital currency/cryptocurrency that was launched in Nigeria by Mr Omotade Amos, who is the CEO of IBSmartify Nigeria.

Pinkoin was launched in May 2nd 2014 by a developer on bitcointalk named Bigman. For the first 7 days of its inception, PINK was POW only, afterwards it became a standard PoS altcoin with an annual staked return around 1-2%.

Although Pinkcoin was largely generic on the inside, strong community leaders emerged who saw great potential in developing Pinkcoin on the outside.

How to register on Insknation Pinkcoin portal

If you want to be a part of the community, you should register on the official inksnation pinkard website or by one of the agent.

Visit or for registration. You will need to provide your Email address, mobile number, Password.

Read the warning & check the box that you accept it, Click on “Registration in Pinkcoin” button.

Once you have completed all required fields, there will be a congratulations message on your screen, and also instructions on what to do next.

How to use pay4me

Enter on your web address and their login to your inksnation account by entering your login details, once you’ve gained access to your dashboard, locate “Pay4me” from your dashboard & click on it, then it will show you some drop down items, then proceed further to filling the persons details correctly.

The details you will fill in include the below:

Membership plan

Choose the membership plan of either bronze, gold, silver or diamond in which the new member is interested in.

Beneficiary username

This is the beneficiary username of the person to be paid for the username must be filled correctly.

Card number

Enter the card number of your pinkard which you can locate at the front page of your pinkard.

You will also fill in your wallet ID, expiration date and card pin.

How to register directly from the person’s account

Visit the inksnation website & click on sign up to register a new member. Once the registration is done, then payment option will pop up on the screen for you to choose a membership plan & pay with pinkard.

You pick a plan of either bronze, silver, gold or diamond and select pay with pinkard after which you have inputted your card number, wallet ID, card expiration date & pin.

You will then click on pay which will automatically deduct the exact amount from you’re your pinkard according to the exact amount chosen & the new member will be funded automatically.

What is Inksnation Pinkcard?

The inksnation pinkcard is an ATM card that gives you access to use the soon to be launched cryptocurrency called PINKCOINS.

How to activate inksnation pinkard via inksnation portal

Firstly, Login to your inksnation account & then click on the menu pop up bar & locate “Pinkard”.

What is the current Pinkcoin price?

Pinkcoin price is $0.00259722 with a 24 hours trading volume of $3,316.17. It has a circulating supply of 450 million coins and a maximum supply of 500 million coins.

It can be actively traded on both Bittrex and cryptopia.

To explore addresses & transactions, you can use block explorers such as &


I hope you now know how to register on inksnation pinkcoin(pinkcoin registration), if you have any question or comments, you can leave them below.

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  1. Thanks so much. I want to register. But don’t know who will process for me. Also, while is it spelt pinkoin in inksnation site? Are they 2 different things? Please clear my head.

    1. They are the same, the spelling is “pinkoin”….most people search using “Pinkcoin”, hence why this post uses it.

  2. I try paying for a new account i open using pay4me but is telling me that “This wallet ID is not associated to card number inputted, please make sure card Number is correct to continue ” and i input every detail correctly.pls help me with a solution.

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