Bundle Africa review (is bundle Africa legit?)

Bundle Africa review (is bundle Africa legit?)

Bundle Africa review (is bundle Africa legit?)

Read all about Bundle Africa in this Bundle Africa review.

Bundle app is a cryptocurrency social payments application that allows users to buy bitcoin through naira deposit from their naira bank deposit, deposit naira on bundle through bank transfer, sell your bitcoin into naira and withdraw it directly to your bank account, send & receive money from anyone on your phone contact list, who is using bundle and more.

In Summary:

  1. The app allows you to sell your bitcoin into naira & withdraw it directly to your Nigerian bank account.
  2. You can send & receive money from anyone on your phone contact, who is using the bundle app.
  3. Deposit naira through your bank account via bank transfer into your bundle app account.
  4. Buy and sell bitcoin to naira
  5. Withdraw directly into your Nigerian bank account.
  6. Buy & sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC), Binance coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), US dollar via binance USD.
  7. Send, request & receive money from friends on phone contacts.

Bundle Africa is a product of Binance, and it was founded by Yele Bademosi, a former director at Binance labs. Bundle plans to support over 30 African countries by the end of the year.

In this bundle Africa review, am going to be writing on “How to register an account on bundle Africa”, “How to add funds to your bundle Africa account”, “How to withdraw funds from your Bundle Africa account”, “How to buy and sell cryptocurrency on the bundle Africa app”, “How to verify your account on bundle?”, “How to send and request funds from your phone contacts”, “Bundle Africa fee structure”.

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Let’s get into it then…

How to register an account on the bundle Africa?

You will need to first download the Bundle Africa app from Google playstore, install and launch it on your phone.

  1. Register with your mobile number
  2. Verify the mobile number with the verification code that you will receive
  3. Set up your password
  4. Login to your account.

How to add funds to your account?

For you to add funds, you need to have set your payment method from the account settings page. You can add funds through credit cards & bank transfer.

  1. Click on Add funds icon from the top right hand corner of your mobile app homepage.
  2. Proceed and type the amount of funds you would like to deposit.
  3. Collect the bank payment details and proceed with payments.

How to withdraw funds from your account?

  1. Click on the currency you want to withdraw, which is either naira or cryptocurrency.
  2. For Naira, click on naira & then click on cash out.
  3. Then click on bank transfer pegged at 50naira fee charge per withdrawal.
  4. Proceed and pay, choose the account to deposit to, else you will be promptly required to add a payment method.
  5. You can then confirm withdrawal.
  6. If it’s crypto, click on withdrawal, input the wallet address for the BTC & ETH. Then address with memo for BNB & BUSD.

How to buy and sell crypto on the Bundle app

You will need to deposit on Bundle, before you can buy or sell cryptocurrency.

  1. Click on the crypto you want to buy or sell.
  2. Click on the buy or sell tab
  3. Proceed and buy or sell within a 60 secs time window until a new price pops up.
  4. Once you get a buy or sell confirmation, it will be credited to your account.

How to verify your account on bundle?

Verification on bundle is required to process naira & cryptocurrency withdraw transactions above $50.

There are two levels of verification:

  1. Full name, ID number/Date of birth
  2. Bank verification number (BVN), identity verification.

The Tier one verification will allow you to only deposit & withdraw $50 daily, while tier 2 will allow you to deposit and withdraw a million daily.

  1. Go to settings page
  2. Click on verification
  3. Then proceed and input your full name and date of birth etc.

After that, provide your BVN (bank verification number) for tier 2 & receive a verification code attached to it and continue.

Once you pass the verification, you will see a green badge on your account.

How to send & request funds from phone contacts

Before you can request funds from someone saved on your phone contacts. You will have to enable the “Access phone contacts prompt”. You can also send invites to your friends to join you on Bundle.

  1. Click on the Request/send funds tab on the mobile app homepage.
  2. Then choose the friends name from the contact list
  3. Then proceed and input the amount you want to send or request.
  4. You must input the description before proceeding.
  5. Then confirm funds, request and continue.

Bundle Africa fee structure

  1. No fees for depositing cryptocurrency
  2. There is no fee for converting naira to cryptocurrency, or crypto to another crypto.
  3. No fees for sending or receiving crypto or naira from someone within the bundle Africa app.

Is Bundle Africa legit?

Bundle Africa is a legit platform. It was founded by Yele Bademosi, a former director at Binance labs. It is one of Binance projects, and its mission is to drive crypto adoption on the continent by making it more fun, easy to use, and inclusive for Africans, as well as creating more use cases for it.


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